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  • hi why do u removed this extension in Chrome Web Store?

  • @zer0vski It was done by Google and still without any explanations...

  • This post is deleted!
  • @mackderrick Can you more describe the situation. I need to repeat it.

    thank you.

  • Hi, since yesterday the translator not works. I see only error 0.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @anixharver Which translator provider do you use? Google, Microsoft, Yandex,..?
    And what text and language pair do you use, as sample.
    I need to repeat the problem.

    thank you.

  • @mackderrick Which page? And what do you mean "not working"? What I need to do, to repeat it?

  • Please enlarge the copy button.

  • @sailormax: where? I couldnt find it. I needed to delete this plugin twice because of virus warning

  • @jcarteropera said in Translator:


    1. Right click on textension's button / Options
    2. latst checkbox: "Use background process (require browser restart)"
  • Автоматически не переводит сайт

  • @koruy К сожалению это ограничение GitHub по отношению к "моему" решению. Я использую панельки от самих сервисов перевода, а GitHub запрещает вставлять сторонние решения.

  • @taurg: Работает. Для этого нужно перейти в хроме в дополнительные инструменты -> расширения, и потом перетащить скачанный crx в эту вкладку.

  • Please, consider giving us the option, to translate a page with clicking on the apps icon. Thank you.

  • @palx: was this method discontinued? "load required web page, press on extension's button and click on "Translate active page '..."

  • @palx: My bad, you have to be in an active page for the prompt to show.

  • Attention ! This application contains a virus, the work of a virus is that it goes to sites without your knowledge to view paid advertisements and phishing sites that are in the black list, these sites collect data about you. !!! phishing sites that pose a threat to you. Do not believe everything that they write to you here.
    Внимание ! Данное приложение содержит вирус, работа вируса заключается в том, он заходит на сайты без вашего ведома для просмотра платной рекламы и фишинговых сайтов которые находятся в чёрном листе, эти сайты собирают данные про вас. !!! фишинговые сайты которые несут угрозу для вас. Не верьте всему что вам тут пишут.

  • @hooter Это ложь. Укажите в каком месте приложение собирает данные о пользователе? Исходный код у каждого в открытой форме.

  • @sailormax: Read my comment carefully. The application visits the phishing site, while the phishing site collects data about the visitor, the application uses the host without the knowledge of the person who installed this application. Surprisingly, this app hasn't been blocked yet.
    The application poses a threat to the user's confidential data,
    if the application behaves incorrectly and uses the host without the user's knowledge, the application visits the sites that are in the black lists of all antiviruses in the world. Once again, for those who did not understand, this application works without your knowledge, goes to phishing sites, sites are directly infected with a Trojan and other viruses,
    these sites are blacklisted by antiviruses, I list the names of sites from the blacklists with infection and or phishing data collection, adokutcontextual / oxycodes / flurryad / admeridianads / overonixa / adxfactory / d0.sweetwinds / xml.pushmobo / alspearowa / and many others
    These sites are phishing sites or spread a Trojan virus and many others, these sites and many other sites are blacklisted by all licensed antiviruses in the world. If an application goes to various sites without your knowledge and uses your host and traffic, this is a virus that works stealthily on your machine,
    and this means it poses a threat to your confidential data., carries the threat of infecting your machine with viruses.