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Tabs are blank for a few seconds when I go back to them

  • I see this problem with many browsers. I'll open a bunch of tabs in the background and wait ample time for them to load. When I go to them I get a blank screen for a few seconds then it loads quickly. A few years ago this never happened. It loaded and waited there for you. Nowadays it looks like it needs to refresh itself just before you view it. This is hugely time wasting and is only useful for a site that is constantly changing by the second which almost none do. We're not all hyper stock traders. Is there a solution for this idiocy? Whoever implemented this must be living on another planet. There must be a solution out there.

  • I can relate with a fairly powerful workstation. I prefer Opera to use more RAM instead if that is what it takes.

  • @xin I have no idea what you're trying to say.
    So you've experienced blank tabs?
    Have you seen more allocated ram improve the situation? If so, how? How long do you typically wait for a blank tab to fill without allocating more ram? How much ram do you have now? How much do you allocate to get an improvement?

  • Is there really no edit option on this page? Really? What forum doesn't allow you to edit previous posts????

  • @rh99 Click on the three dots on the bottom right of the post to edit it. You have a 30 minutes limit from the original post time to edit it.

  • @rh99 And several forums have limits to post editing to avoid trolls.

  • I think our problems are connected.

  • @rh99 I wonder if its my old, slow computer. Perhaps it takes resources to display the tab and it conserves these resources when the tab isn't viewed. It never used to be like this with the old Opera 12 but perhaps that's the way Chrome deals with tabs. Its using less resources until the tab is viewed but to bring up that tab requires some resources and that may be the cause of the delay - my slow computer. Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 with just 2 gb of 800 mhz DDR2 ram. I frequently have issues with both the CPU and memory being taxed to the hilt when I check Process Explorer. The browser is almost always the main consumer of resources.

  • +1 for this topic. Sorry for my necropost, but I am facing the same issue nowadays, sometimes even with no more than 10 tabs. I don't remember this happening a couple of months back. It annoys me so much I am considering replacing Opera, which I use only for work anyway.

    I hope there is a setting that would fix this behavior, no matter what the price (RAM taken) is.