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Youtube refreshes every time you re enter the tab

  • I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue. Basically, if I have a tab on Youtube open, and then click to a new one (let's just say Facebook, for example), clicking back onto the Youtube tab refreshes the video, restarting it. It's irritating, and, as I said, was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same thing and/or potentially had a fix.

  • Nope, neither 🙂 I can open YouTube in one tab, listen to it, while opening two, three, four other tabs exploring, and all the while YouTube is playing. I'm using Opera 22 on Windows 7.

    Which version of Opera are you using?

    Can't figure out why you have that problem. It would be a "downer." Also, other music sites operate for me the the same way. I can open Pandora or Slacker in one tab, and then do all sorts of things in other tabs, and continue to hear the music on the first tab, and when I go back, there's no refreshing.

    Now I do have the Opera "Speed Dial for YouTube" extension.

  • I'm using the newest version of Opera on Windows 7 as well. The sounds do continue to play, the only issue is upon re entering the tab.

  • I definitely tested for that, and didn't have a problem going back to the tab, so I'm puzzled, since we are both using Opera 22/Windows 7. Now I'm assuming you don't have Opera Turbo active. Sometimes that gives problems, though I'm never heard of this one. Make sure it's not on.

    Also, try a music program like Pandora ( or another radio music program, and see if the same problem happens there, where the play interrupts and you reload whenever you go back to the tab. If not, maybe it's something related to flash, and you can go with your Opera browser to the Adobe Flash website, and try updating. Maybe you don't have the latest version. Also, are you using the Speed Dial for YouTube extension (it's an Opera extension?), and I have it operating out of my Speed Dial. Not sure why that should make a difference, but just trying to see if we have the same setup.

  • Good find, and memory, rafaelluik.

  • Just ran through AdwCleaner and what not. Still no fix. And lem, no matter where I use it from (Speed Dial or other), I get the same result. Any other ideas?

  • Hmmmm. Did you follow all of the instructions in that link rafaelluik sent you (it was a link in the thread, about uninstalling WebGet). Here's that link. Follow Step 1 and Step 2. Step 2 relates to AdwCleaner. You referred to doing Step 2. But Step one says you uninstall WebGet from your computer using the Control Panel. I assume you did, but I'm just asking. You need to do both steps.

    Assuming you did everything you can on uninstalling WebGet, you could try to unintall that YouTube extension. Then do a complete cleaning of your computer -- Ctrl H, clear browsing data -- history, cache, cookies, etc. Then reinstall that YouTube extension. Before you do that even, try another similar program like Watch videos on it. See if you have the same problem there. Then reinstall YouTube again. And try it out.

    If you still have the problem, a thought here (but I'm no computer geek 🙂 so I'm only suggesting what I might be thinking of myself if I had the problem.. First make sure you back up your Opera 22 profile, so you have it in case you need to reinstall it.

    Then a few approaches you might consider, depending on how important the problem is to you..

    (1) Make sure first that you have the latest version of Adobe flash. Go to the site in your Opera 22 browser. If you don't, download and install the latest version. Then test YouTube.

    (2) Do a complete virus scan of your computer. If you have a malware removal program try it. Maybe it will find something.

    (3) Uninstall all of your extensions, and reinstall YouTube (so that's the only extension you have going). See if that makes a difference. If it does, you can gradually reinstall other extensions, but carefully.

    (4) Uninstall and reinstall Opera 22. (Someone had a problem with Google Chrome continually refreshing, and the suggest was to uninstall and reinstall Chrome and it worked.
    Now their problem didn't seem limited to YouTube but was broader. Still . . . ) You at this point have the Opera 22 profile from it maybe on a flash drive. But first after the clean reinstallation, add that YouTube extension. If everything is fine. Gradually copy critical stuff over from the profile. Bookmarks, the Speed Dial, etc. And keep testing.

    (5) If this doesn't help, another possibility, but only if you're curious and comfortable with this. Try installing Opera Next on your system (in a separate directory from Opera 22). Maybe that happens automatically. I'm just not sure how it works. (This is a testing/beta program for Opera that will become maybe Opera 23). You can always uninstall it, and I understand people have several versions of Opera going at the same time (I believe you can do it, though I never have). See if you have the problem there in Opera Next.

    If not, then there's something corrupt, causing the problem in Opera 22. (You might even be happy staying with Opera, depending on how comfortable you feel with Beta programs) I'm sure you could move some of your Opera 22 profile into it). If you do still have the YouTube problem, then the issue is broader then Opera 22. Maybe that Webget is still causing a problem.

    (6) If the problem is very recent with YouTube, and you have Windows, you might try a System Restore, and see what that does -- where you put yourself back to a period before the problem arose. If this is promising because the problem is recent, you may even want to try this earlier. It's up to you, what you feel comfortable with, and the order to try things.

    Anyways these are things you might consider trying. Perhaps others have better ideas.

  • On no. 3 above, I really think "deactivating"all of your extension is enough to test the approach. Then reactivate Youtube so it's the only active extension.