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Opera crashing all programs and logging me out

  • Whenever I play a video (youtube, vimeo etc.), all my programs close, and I get logged out...

    Before said I didn't have h.264, finally fixed that by doing the codec hacks, yet the issue above still persists.

    Running the latest Debian 10 linux distro, any ideas?

  • What are the "codec hacks" you did? I assume you did not install the chromium ffmpeg codecs package from ubuntu...
    From your description, the entire xorg crashes, thus you get logged out.

  • Do they use X or Wayland? My initial response was that somehow the video was crashing your X server, but then I remembered that X is no longer the only display server for Linux ... if we're trying to duplicate your issue we need to know your setup.

  • As of debian 10, only the gnome version defaults to wayland.

    In this release, GNOME defaults to using the Wayland display server instead of Xorg. Wayland has a simpler and more modern design, which has advantages for security. However, the Xorg display server is still installed by default and the default display manager allows users to choose Xorg as the display server for their next session.

    From here

  • @jimunderscorep downloaded the ffmpeg codec from some guys GitHub and put it in lib_extra

  • @jimunderscorep I am actually running the gnome version

  • Logout, select "gnome with xorg" from the sessions menu and login to that. If it works with no issues, then opera is not "wayland ready" yet.

  • @jimunderscorep the options I have are System X11 (default), GNOME, GNOME classic. All three crash the same way.

  • @sgunhouse what would you need exactly?

  • I am out of ideas, sorry. Try deleting that foreigh libffmpeg you "installed" and check again.
    If it does work this time, please read the post on my signature where I mention that those libs are built with a different set of libraries and compilers and avoid them next time.

  • @jimunderscorep I managed to link the following logs to the event, does this provide any value?

    ./syslog:34211:Jul 11 21:44:26 Unavailable opera.desktop[15567]: [16690:16690:0711/] X IO error received (X server probably went away)
    ./syslog:34238:Jul 11 21:44:26 Unavailable opera.desktop[15567]: [16663:16663:0711/] X IO error received (X server probably went away)
    ./syslog:34239:Jul 11 21:44:26 Unavailable opera.desktop[15567]: [16663:16747:0711/] D-Bus connection was disconnected. Aborting.
    ./syslog:34291:Jul 11 21:44:27 Unavailable kernel: [ 2942.568183] traps: ThreadPoolSingl[16747] trap invalid opcode ip:55e52ef1f674 sp:7f93bc375d50 error:0 in opera[55e52c6b7000+60ae000]

  • Other than the fact that the xorg crashes and everything is closed by force, no.
    Did you try removing the libffmpeg file you installed by hand? What is that github repo you got it from?