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Orphaned Keyboard Shortcut - Please Fix

  • Reported bug as DNAWIZ-68385 on Jul/30.

    Note: didn't notice there was already a bug report for this...

  • @carloscs said in Orphaned Keyboard Shortcut - Please Fix:

    Here too, as of a few days Opera is stealing keys:

    Very simple to verify:
    download Nirsoft - HotKeysList from
    launch HotKeysList with Opera not launched -> these keys don't appear in the global hotkeys list
    launch Opera -> the keys are added to the global active hotkeys (press the refresh button to see the active keys list change immediately)
    exit Opera -> the keys are removed from the global active hotkeys

    And I don't even know why it's even doing this (so that I can try disabling the behaviour). I suppose that it's something to do with mediakeys, but disabled "Hardware Media Key Handling" and "Experimental system keyboard lock" in opera flags but no change.

    These keys are used all the time in other programs, so if this doesn't go away quick, it seems that after some 20 years I'll finally stop using Opera, something that even all the removed functionalities that happened when they moved to the new chrome based builds hadn't been able made me move.

    Thank you very much! Fixed the error, very stable use!

    My Job: Laptop Gaming Cũ Giá Rẻ TPHCM

  • Encountered this error together with Plastic SCM. Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+3 opens Branches which won't work when Opera is opened.

    Its really frustrating, because I use this shortcut with automation scripts (using AutoIt) and this bug breaks my workflow.

    Hope it will be fixed soon.

  • @stepm In your case, a workaround may be (re)starting Autoit after starting Opera. If Autoit register the global keys every time it starts (as does Opera) last to register wins (overwrites previous registration) and yo may have Ctrl-shift-3 back.

    I'm just wondering now why for some users Opera is globally stealing Ctrl-Shift-1/2/3/... and in my case it's Ctrl-Shift-Home/End/...

    If it's configurable (registry, ...) I could remap the keys to some I never use.

  • @alekcand3r said in Orphaned Keyboard Shortcut - Please Fix:

    @op3000 said in Orphaned Keyboard Shortcut - Please Fix:

    Opera Developer 64.0.3388.0 has now reserved Ctrl+Shift+Home and Ctrl+Shift+End.

    Wow, well done. There is no way I will be able to use opera and loose possibility to select text to the beginning/end of file.... Looks like the switch to Opera didn't work out very well...

    Should read better the replies in the forum. @stepm seems like if you upgrade to the last Opera version you change your medicine, You get Ctrl-Shift-3 back but loose some other keys.

  • @dsifuz said in Orphaned Keyboard Shortcut - Please Fix:

    @leocg , do you have any way of getting an update on whether this is being fixed or not?

    There are a few bugs on this. Consider DNAWIZ-66222 to be the active one and the others duplicates. The issue is being analyzed at the moment.

  • Anyone have any update on the status of this?

  • @dsifuz The status for me is that I am once again able to use the shortcuts that are critical to me in two applications that I use all the time. I switched to another browser.

  • Could you please give us a status update?

  • The problem is that the keyboard shortcuts of the built-in Video handler extension are made global. In Opera GX, we can change this, but in current Opera Stable, beta and Developer there is no such possibility. Developers are aware of this problem. Possible workaround for now:

  • @sjetesjete said in Orphaned Keyboard Shortcut - Please Fix:

    Could you please give us a status update?

    Fix is coming. Watch for posts of new versions on and check the changelogs.

  • Re: Orphaned Keyboard Shortcut - Please Fix

    I notice the same thing pointed out in an earlier thread. (The interface of this forum is rather opaque. I"m not sure if this is going to turn up as a separate thread or an answer to a previous message, although I did select one; but the interface insists I create a new subject, for some reason.)

    I'm using Opera 63.0.3368.71. It hijacks the following keyboard combinations:

    Hot Key : Ctrl+Shift+Delete
    Alt :
    Ctrl : *
    Shift : *
    Key : Delete

    Hot Key : Ctrl+Shift+End
    Alt :
    Ctrl : *
    Shift : *
    Key : End

    Hot Key : Ctrl+Shift+Home
    Alt :
    Ctrl : *
    Shift : *
    Key : Home

    Hot Key : Ctrl+Shift+Insert
    Alt :
    Ctrl : *
    Shift : *
    Key : Insert

    Hot Key : Ctrl+Shift+Page Down
    Alt :
    Ctrl : *
    Shift : *
    Key : Page Down

    Hot Key : Ctrl+Shift+Page Up
    Alt :
    Ctrl : *
    Shift : *
    Key : Page Up

    All of these are no longer functional in any other Windows programme. In Opera, they don't do anything either. But they're definitely being hijacked by Opera: when Opera is active, these keyboard combinations no longer work. If Opera is not active, they work again.

    In a slightly earlier version of Opera, the same thing happened with the keyboard combination CTRL+SHIFT +8. That seems to have been remedied. But having these hijacked is equally problematic: SHIFT+CTRL+END/HOME is something I use A LOT to select text in word processors.

    So Opera has become unusable for me.

  • In that thread, there's a link to another thread that has a workaround.

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