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Frozen Black Screen following Idle Period

  • I have a multi-part question/issue, but a recurring black screen is what has initiated this post.
    I am running Opera on a Windows 10 PC with dual monitors.
    My Opera version is 60.0.3255.69 and is current as of today (Monday, June 24, 2019).

    Problem: I typically have video open on one monitor (Amazon Prime), while I use the other monitor for other matters. When I leave the PC for a period of time, typically an hour or less, upon returning, the monitor with Amazon Prime screen is totally black, as if it is turned off. I do not leave the video paused; I always 'x' out of the active video.
    The other monitor still shows any and all windows that were open when I left (email, Word, Excel, etc.) including any Opera browser windows.
    I can see the Opera windows in the Task Bar, but cannot access them. I cannot close them with the red x. Opera if frozen at this point. I can only close them with Task Manager.
    On the one instance of Opera there is only the Amazon Prime video tab. On the other instance, for today as an example, there were only two tabs open. Any ideas on how to eliminate this frozen black screen issue?

    Question: Today when the issue occurred, I had two instances of Opera running: one with one tab, and one with two tabs. Here's a screen shot of the instance with two tabs:

    My question is with only three total tabs open, why are there so many 'apparent' instances of Opera in the task manager (26 in all)?

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

  • @preston-brooks The problem happens in 60.0.3255.170, that is the current stable release?

  • @preston-brooks said in Frozen Black Screen following Idle Period:

    My question is with only three total tabs open, why are there so many 'apparent' instances of Opera in the task manager (26 in all)?

    Check Opera's task manager to see what are those processes. Do you have many extensions?

  • @leocg Hi, and thank you for responding. Not sure I follow your comment completely, but the latest version that my Opera browser references is shown below. The screen shot was taken just now and it says my version 60.0.3255.69 is "up to date".
    Is there some other method to update to version 3255.170? My "up to date" version 3255.69 seems pretty far behind.

    Thanks again.

  • @leocg Presently I have 2 instances of Opera open. Instance 1 has one tab open--Amazon Prime--and it is currently frozen and black screen on one monitor. Instance 2 has two tabs open: the Opera update tab and the Opera forum tab.
    The screen shot below captures what is shown on my Windows task manager, the Opera task manager and the task bar with the opera tabs.
    It appears I have three extensions active, although I don't recall installing/activating them. Maybe they are defaults that come when Opera is installed?
    Again, my main issue is the frozen black Amazon prime screen. The number of open Opera tasks is a secondary question of curiosity, unless it leads to a solution for the main issue :).
    Thanks again for your response.

  • @preston-brooks Try running the installer.

  • @preston-brooks The three extensions listed are special ones that come with Opera.

    No idea what are those 'utility' listed.

  • @leocg Thanks for the tip. Couldn't find the installer, but I found 3255.170 on the web and downloaded it. It did not fix the black screen issue. It does cause me to scratch my head wondering why when I went to Opera's "Update and Recovery" it kept telling me that my version 3255.69 was up to date. I guess that's some other 'issue'? I'm ready to call this 'resolved'...just accept that the browser has some minor issues to deal with from time to time. Thanks for your responses. Cheers.

  • @preston-brooks Latest version is 62, try downloading and checking with it.