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  • I have also noticed this. I just re-checked and the issue is still there. It happens to me at least when doing a search. Check out this screenshot when looking for "youtube" (dates are in Spanish but I guess anyone can understand):

    History Date bug

    I just noticed that when opening the history, now being Tuesday 1 am, it says today is Monday and shows the links from "the real" today Tuesday. Then come the links from yesterday Monday, but it says they are from Sunday! Maybe the issue happens when the browsers stays running after midnight?

    Update: Nope, I just reopened Opera and everything after midnight still shows up as today but as Monday 23rd... Maybe some timezone thing? Weird...

  • Yep, I'm in UTC-3 and the date change is considered at 9 PM my time. That is midnight UTC.

  • October 2019, this is still an issue. I contacted the support team and I haven't got a solution yet.
    Being someone who goes through his browser history frequently, I find this pretty annoying.

  • Same issue here, I even contacted Opera support team, still no solution.
    Being someone who checks browser history frequently, I find this bug pretty annoying.

  • Opera 63.0.3368.107 for Mac has an issue with putting the wrong date on history items. For example, as I type this it is 20:46 Eastern on Tuesday, but a sites I went to from around midnight to 19:47 show yesterday (Monday).

    I have just now updated to 64.x but have not restarted Opera, so I probably won't know any new news until Wednesday evening. Also, Opera has done this for many versions now -- I just didn't bother to report it.

  • This post is deleted!
  • This weekend, the Opera changed it's timezone from GMT-3 to GMT-2 for users in Brazil.
    I believe it happened because we were supposed to be in daylight saving time, but this year it was decided that we wouldn't change our clocks.
    So now our browsers are showing the wrong time on history and console. Is there any way to manually change the browser timezone? Or do we need to wait for an update?

  • @lbertone Check this topic.

  • In recent months I've found that the contents of my browsing history list is incomplete, and/or that the dating---grouping of search records by date---is incorrectly grouped. That is, a small number of today's search URLs appears under today's date, and the remainder of them are listed under yesterday's date, or even further back.

    After the latest update, only the last hour's searches are dated correctly; all previous ones appear under older dates (days). My initial impression was that some or much of the history is missing.

    Anybody else experiencing this glitch ?


  • @StephenRitchings About history time being incorrect, read this topic.

    Regarding missing history entries, it was already fixed:

    DNA-80253 History page displays incomplete history records

  • @leocg said in HIstory date is incorrect:

    @StephenRitchings About history time being incorrect, read this topic.

    Regarding missing history entries, it was already fixed:

    DNA-80253 History page displays incomplete history records

    I'm afraid that didn't fix it. I have the latest version (64.0.3417.92) and I still have this problem. By the way, the history records were never "incomplete", just grouped under the wrong day, so it seems a different issue here.

  • @alobpreis said in HIstory date is incorrect:

    By the way, the history records were never "incomplete", just grouped under the wrong day, so it seems a different issue here.

    That should be DNA-79195. Not fixed yet. Seems to be a UTC vs. local time mix-up.

  • got the same problem as post before mentioned about today sunday but in history is saturday...

    has the developer been neglecting opera big time??

  • A day of his is out of order the opera browser , I settled it on new one but it did not help!

  • @hisnibs I was just about to report the same problem. Scrolling through the last week of my history, I can see that the date changes from "yesterday" to "today" at 4 pm instead of midnight. That is, it's firing 16 hours too late instead of 8 hours too soon. I suspect the date rollover is hard-coded to Greenwich Mean Time, because I'm eight hours west, in California. I doubt that there is currently a fix for this, and hopefully a future version of Opera will allow us to set a local time zone.

    Assuming you use the search box to reduce the number of history links displayed, the incorrect date probably won't prevent you from finding that interesting article you started reading last Tuesday.

  • Months go by and the issue persists! I'm kind of used to this already but I cannot believe this could be something so hard to fix...

    Today is Wed 13th:
    Today is Wed 13th

    Crossing midnight, Opera thinks it's still the same day:
    Day change at 9PM

    Day change at 9PM (I'm at GMT-3, so it's changing at UTC, as usual). And BTW, yesterday was Tue 12th.
    Yesterday was Tue 12th
    All records from this last screenshot belong to Tue 12th, and not Monday 11th.

    So basically, the history is only correct between 9PM and midnight.

  • Title says it all. My browser history is one day off, The links are from today but Opera thinks today is Thursday July 9th not Friday the 10th. Opera thinks yesterday was the Wednesday the 8th and day before was Tuesday the 7th, etc.

    Would like to remedy this if anyone can help.

  • From Opera Beta 70 changelog:

    DNA-79195 Wrong date on history

  • @leocg

    Thanks, couldn't find this thread before posting, I wasn't searching for the correct terms. Also just noticed update says the newest version is still 69.0.3686.57. I guess that means we're still waiting on the 70. fix.

  • Well, I just upgraded to 69.0.3686.57 and something was fixed... Now the day changes at midnight, but there's still something wrong: now it's one day off! For example, urls from today, Monday 13th, appear as "Today Sunday 12". I hope version 70 fixes this completely...

    At least now it's a bit easier to know which day each history entry belongs to. 🤣