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    1. There are some general questions about your media.
    2. Then we'll be drawing interesting/actual topics from what's been discussed on there.

    -1. Now what's your media? Are you interested in news? What sort?
    What media are you usually 'tuned in'? Do you listen to the radio?
    Do you read news on the Internet? In papers? Watch TV?
    If in papers (internet) - do you sometimes read oped articles? analytics?

    -2. What is on air now? What have you just read/listened to that draw your attention? Arisen your interest? That you deem actual? important? hot? Maybe in a paper, something interesting among opeds/analitycs?
    If it's "just" a "usual" cultural/educational feature programme - it'll be welcome greatly too without doubt.
    After you've drawn a topic, it'll be open to comment/discuss (if the issue reaches over the top in popularity, it'll be meaningful to start a thread of its own, it seems to me).

    NB: The "markdown" is not working properly: the backslash seems visible (which is bullshit); when I tried the "ordered list" - I couldn't see the numbers in preview!

  • I, for one, usually listen to the radio via the Internet. Whether it's with talkies or not; though I like if the station has something beside music.
    Much more rarely I read something on the Internet. And now it's anyway news about the UK's radio industry

  • You know recently Ofsted revealed something about some radical Muslim "drive" in certaim schools in Birmingham?
    So there was a topic on Radio Kent (BBC) if British schools should be stripped of any religious ruling altogether or not.
    See, many say 'Britain is stiil a Christian country'. But you know, you can't prohibit one religion in a field - and at the same time turn the blind eye on another -- can you? The UK is legally a secular country after all - isn't it?

  • The BBC Leicester presenter just read news about the authorities applying a new regulation against domestic violence, and his intonation got to seem very dreaded when he ended ".. and were banned from their homes for <upset>28 days(!;)</upset>":D

  • Listening to, in this case, BBC Leeds, they [BBC] can't seem to help talking about that sports competition.
    Recently one of the stations provided this info: 19% Brits care about football, 31 - more or less, and the other 50% don't care at all.

  • "In Demand" with Stu... erh.. Whatever on Radio Aire.

    Hey! Where's the formatting gone?
    A, b, c, -d-, e... Yeah, italicising's gone:rip:

  • It used to italicize if you did this, let me see ... nothing. Can't see the underscores, but also no italics.

  • Hi folks ( @joshl @sgunhouse ), for both: how to write italics, and underlined text, please have a look here 😉

  • @top @ff-topicking, @olks.
    (Steve, will you move it?)

  • Via Facebook I've come across this news: Liz Truss: A not-very-green environment secretary -
    it's about the now ongoing British Cabinet re-shuffle undertaken by Cameron.

    Liz Truss, the woman now charged with watching out for Britain's environment, used to spend her days working for Shell - and has been a vocal supporter of a third runway at Heathrow.

    So why has David Cameron made her the next environment secretary? It's the latest move in an extraordinary career where the backing of the PM has proved critical more than once.

  • On BBC WM it's a topic about health tourism to the UK (NHS).
    Interestingly, the presenter called on an expert... The expert very nicely sounds like a native Brit in his first generation.
    It's not about racism, right? It's about Britishness...

  • On BBC Wiltshire, they've been discussing Boris Johnson's haircut for almost the whole afternoon there (it's the evening time already here, but I have GMT set on my laptop clock).

  • Spendlove and South on BBC Cambridgeshire now.

  • Isle of Wight Radio: all Wight students got "A" at the exam.
    No word about Bhlaghk students:D

  • Independent Scotland 'to pay to receive BBC services' - says former director general Lord Birt

    Lord Birt, former director general of the BBC, has claimed that an independent Scotland would lose access to the public broadcaster’s TV and radio programming, if it does not pay for it “one way or another”.
    If Scotland votes yes in less than a month’s time, Birt told the Guardian that the broadcaster would immediately see a 10 per cent cut in license payer funding.

    F-bomb dropped on BBC Radio 2 Drivetime

    One particular incident on Tuesday heard special guest Sofie Gråbøl, who was talking about filming a television show scene said: “Give me my f***ing jumper”, to the amazement and amusement of the audience. Simon interrupted and said “It’s my job to say at this point..” Sofie then apologised and said “I meant bloody”

    The stories are obtained via

  • On Manx FM, Alex in the Afternoon asks
    what man-made artifacts can be seen from the Moon. 🙂

  • Great Wall of China

  • The first guess, actually, was 'the American flag there':D
    But Alex immediately ruled that out and clarified "on Earth";)

  • From the moon

    On the moon