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Stop Known Site From Opening Tab

  • After Searching for hours, I have yet to find a way to stop a known site from opening a new tab! The closest I have l have found is in Pop-ups and redirection, but it does not work either. What is so difficult about making an easy to find, easy to use way to stop a site from ever popping up a tab? (I can block content, but cannot stop the tab opening) I ought to be able to just click on a tab, and select to never have the site come up again! Frankly, I am pissed that this issue was not resolved in some browser MANY years ago! Does anyone have any suggestions, or any other browser or addon, that actually works? Or are we condemned to continue wasting our lives with push tech?

  • @redenegue Opera blocks pop-ups by default but sometimes sites use some workarounds to bypass it.

    But we are talking about pop-ups that show up when you open a page or we are talking about a page being loaded without you have done anything?

  • It should not matter. There are sites I never want to open even if I click on it or load it. As soon as the web address is detected, it should never open the tab. What is so hard about that? I am sure that I am not alone in my desire to end this. I read about a lot of others asking similar questions. I have tried many so called solutions, and none work. It would still be easiest if Opera and the other browsers, just gave us the solution I suggested. It can not be difficult to add, and not to add it is just a disservice to the users. I honestly think they do not want to implement it. There is too much pressure from the people who want push tech and invade our privacy.

  • @redenegue It should matter because in the second case you may have a malware.

    There are several ways for you to avoid a site being loaded, including some programs that will do it globally instead of you needing to do it on every single software in your computer. So, no need to depend on the browser to implement it.

  • @leocg In my case, I have 2 main issues, both dealing with me, not malicious software. One is that there are sites I do not want to return to, but forget, and go back again. this has a lot to do with Google searches. The other is sites that pop up tabs for advertising. I have tried a number of software solutions, and none of them are effective. I see no point in spending a lot of money for commercial software when it is so easy to do this in the browser. I have used firewalls, host file and assorted other options. It has not worked and it is very time consuming to implement, especially on several systems and whenever I upgrade. It still comes down to the browser and the lack of willingness of the developers to protect uses. And I am not alone here. Do a search and find out how many people want an easy way to stop sites from popping up tabs. It is a shame that this has gone on for so long! There is only one reason for it to have continued for so long, and that is the deliberate refusal to correct the problem. If I sound a little angry, well I am. I am not new at this either. I started with Apple IIs and owned just about every other home computer at the time. So I have spent years getting more and more angry about this.

  • @redenegue To block Google and other sites, the hosts file should work.
    Regarding the pop-ups, (almost) all browsers have pop-upĀ“blockers but, like I said, some sites may use some artifices, some workarounds to trick the pop-up blockers.

  • @leocg host file does not work on many sites. Its so bad I quit using it.

  • @redenegue Is it set correctly?

  • @leocg Yes, and I even tried a lot of variation styles I found online. It is also a big pain to use it. As I said before, I ought to be able to click on the tab and end it there. With Hosts, which does not have an extension to make it easier, I have to manually open it, copy, paste, edit, then save it. Then it still does not work until software is reset. It is a joke. Like I said before, no one wants to stop tabs from opening. I am just lucky that at least some of the tabs do not load after opening. Still I have to close each tab manually. What is the big issue to stop it in the browser? Its the best place, since almost all requests come from here. Firewalls work pretty good for other programs. Why all the questions? Its not like I'm asking a complete rewrite of the browser. I have done a lot of programming, should be able to do this with a few lines of code. This is a big issue affecting a lot of people. Why runaway from it?

  • @redenegue Well, you can suggest such feature. Maybe it may be implemented sometime in the future. Although I guess you may need to ask it to Chromium.