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Not as "Solved" as declared; SaveFrom not working again.

  • What it says on the tin; the temporary return to normal service described in this thread: proved to be only temporary. Once again, all my YT download attempts get an "interrupted: forbidden" message.
    As before, this will prove inconvenient if not resolved. Back to bed and then to contact SaveFrom if this persists, although I still have some FB downloading I need to do before that, I suppose. Still, very annoying.

  • @buf4wil I'm starting to think a lot of this comes down to Opera trying to save us from "bad or malicious extensions" and no work around for manually enabling those extensions regardless of what Opera thinks.

    I really don't like it when a program thinks for me to some extent that I cannot disable that feature. And I'm going to guess that's what is happening to you as well.

    I've noticed that some extensions just work really quirky in opera and load when they feel like it.

  • @Wibin Or maybe it's just an extension issue. Checking other similar extensions may help.

  • @leocg In my case, the opera update disabled it because its a chrome crossover extension which is working just fine in chrome and was working just fine in opera until the last update I did.

    Without the ability to disable this feature of Opera auto disabling an extension, it's tough to say it's an extension issue when such in my case it's just modifying the way a web page is viewed.

    Generally if you were developing things, having a program you're developing for auto disable your add on feature would be a bit frustrating to even work on the development process.

    I do appreciate you trying though Leo. Doesn't appear that much support goes on except for a few posts here and there and you moderators helping where you can.

  • @Wibin Then it seems that your problem is different from the one being discussed in this topic and, therefore, should be in a new one.

  • @leocg I have a topic which has been un-responded to. I'm correlating that the issue might be the same for him with the extension being disabled by opera as he's having trouble suddenly with last update as well as his deals with the same platform as my extension also.

  • @Wibin If you have read it, you would see that the extension is enabled but isn't working.

  • @leocg What would be the sort of "similar extension" I should be looking at, for comparison purposes?

    @Wibin Are your problems based on the site being used? As I note, the SaveFrom extension continues to work quite fine on Facebook; it's only YouTube which seems to have a problem with it.

  • @buf4wil Extensions that do the same as Savefrom.

  • Such as? I mean, the reason I ended up with SaveFrom is that most everything similar I found required a purchase, and I'd rather avoid that.

    Update: I signed out of YT and enjoyed several hours of downloading. But it didn't last. Sigh.

  • @buf4wil I don't know any but there should be some to download YouTube videos in the addons store.