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  • I'm using 2 monitors and usually switch from games to play music on 2nd monitor or just do some stuff on teamspeak/discord. I didn't had a lot of issues with chrome but wanted to test out Opera because of ram usage and I liked it a lot but after using it a week or two it started bugging me that when gaming (not cpu demanding games-such as csgo) 2 tabs of opera (youtube and suspended twitter tab) I get up to 38-45% CPU usage for no reason. When I checked resource it was "GPU process" that caused it,any reasons why would this happen and is there a way to fix it?

    And just to add,all extensions I'm using are from chrome and seems like not a single one of them are using nor causing any problems for CPU but only slightly on memory (700mb aprox. when having about 20-30 tabs opened-suspended tabs)
    When I'm not playing it usually takes about 2-4% and I don't understand why would it jump that much only when gaming basicly.

  • @darkzy YouTube has a high chance to be the one to blame, I guess.

  • @leocg 'change' (chance?)-Guess so. Wouldn't put it aside but how's it possible it didn't happen on chrome (as much)? I really don't wanna go back,Opera is better by a mile its just that this is frustrating for me,doesn't influence my gameplay as much but browser becomes really slow and its hard to switch tracks in the moment 😕

  • @darkzy Chance, I've fixed it now.

  • @darkzy Maybe YouTube is using different codecs in Opera and Chrome.

  • @leocg Could be but shouldn't be there something that prevents this from happening? It's kinda weird it only happens when GAMING tho.. And I had a lot of tabs opened 24/7 but never had problems :/. Can this even be "fixed"?