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How To Know What Version To Download ?

  • Ok , I'm using the "normal" version of Opera and went to the ftp site and downloaded the "151" sub version. However there are others listed with "bigger" numbers. Is "151" the latest "normal" release and how do users know which versions to download when Opera is developing a gaming browser. I am confused !

  • Hi @mike88, for the time being the latest stable version of the Opera is 60.0.3255.170, which is announced here on forums.

    The ones with the bigger numbers are the folders for Opera GX, which is not meant to be useful for the users. You download GX version from the dedicated link (for now available only for Windows), which is mentioned in the blog post.
    You can also download one of the offline installers: 32bit, or 64bit.

    As for knowing, which version to download for the "normal" stable, beta and developer streams, you usually choose the highest version number, which is released for your OS, and you can also check it in the announcements on the blog or forums here.

  • @mike88 The best thing to do is to go to and download Opera from there. This way you will get the most current version for your system.
    You can also check the Opera for Desktops Blogs at

  • Thanks for the replys. I do check for latest Opera versions on the blogs page, but the page is often filled with unrelated stuff than just the stable versions. It would be a good idea to have a seperate page just showing the stable versions that have been released.
    As for downloading from the offline installer has not been available for many months. leocg is suggesting that I download files, to put it simply one at a time where they could escape my antivirus checks. It has been sometime since I used this method but I also think by doing this Opera would make certain assumptions where it should be installed, and the type of installation. I have several computers and have some standalone versions, also some full installations in directories other than Program Files etc.

  • I couldn't get mine to update so I just uninstalled it. If Opera GX works out I plan on making it my main browser anyway.

  • You can goto Everything is split up in sections. There are offline installer links below the main download buttons. Opera Developer and Opera Beta are hidden by default. The stable section is listed at the top of the page.

    If you right-click the header for a section and choose "Inspect Element" and look at its parent section element's id, you can make links like to automatically jump to a certain section.

  • Thanks to burnout426 for the link for various versions , is this something new ? Not been advised of it before.

  • @mike88 Nope, it's been there since a long time.

  • @mike88 It's been there since a little before 2/5/2019 I think.