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  • I figured I would try to get off the Google Chrome crack; the problem is that I am routinely moving across platforms (like most people these days): Windows 10, Debian, Android and iOS usually I work from each of these every day.

    My primary mobile driver is an iPhone, and I was sort of stunned to see that sync works between all the desktop clients, but not mobile? I have to wonder; what is the point? Am I to literally write out all of my passwords and sites and carry them with me on a piece of paper? Is mobile sync for iOS on the roadmap?

    Until then it's very disappointing but I guess it's back to Chrome 😞

    And it looks like these forums are largely abandoned, again unfortunate 😞

  • Touch doesn't have bookmarks, so there is no Sync. There is Flow, and that's it. On Android there is a proper Opera mobile version separate from Touch, but Apple has restrictions on competing browsers. 😞

  • Hi @sgunhouse , thanks for the reply but Firefox and Chrome sync across iOS. They operate just fine within Apple's restrictions. I'm not saying it's wonderful, but it is most certainly possible. So saying "Apple has restrictions on competing browsers" is not the reason there is no sync. There is no sync because Opera has chosen not to do it. A couple days of trawling the forums reveals that they further choose not to engage with their user base in a meaningful way.

    It's their business and their choice, but I can only marvel at the shortsightedness of it. The world operates on mobile. Much of that mobile community lives on iOS. It is a meaningful market share.

    Chrome enjoys somewhere between 60-75% of browser share across the world, depending on which stats you look at. There is a reason for it. I suggest that it is because of sync. You can fire up Chrome on your iOS device, sign in, and all your passwords and top sites are there. It just works.

    I think Opera is the better browser overall, but they are going to be the victim of their own Shakespearean tragedy if they do not embrace the reality of a mixed-platform world.

  • The Firefox Sync works well. I am syncing passwords and bookmarks between iOS Firefox, Windows Firefox, and Ubuntu Firefox.