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  • I gave opera a shot but will be returning back a waterfox. While pages seem to load snapily the memory usage of the browser was bit high. I did like some things but they are not enough to make me switch completely.

    The things that I liked:

    1.) builtin ad blocker
    2.) builtin vpn
    3.) pop out windows
    4.) Side Bar tools.

    things that are deal breakers

    1.) unable to customize tool bar button.
    2.) unable to remove speed dial completely, even when disabled in settings. (new tab should just be blank new tab)
    3.) memory usage is not as efficient as waterfox on the sites I use.
    4.) ad block still had ads that were getting through even with a custom rule set.
    5.) no updated help for ad block filters and regex.
    6.) Lack of customizations for tab handling (this happens with most chromium based browsers)

    I think opera is far better than default chrome from Google, but still suffers from the same usability issues as that ecosystem.

  • @seancwopera Next time, one request per topic, please. Those related to each other can be grouped in the same topic.
    Let's avoid creating generic topics.

  • @seancwopera said in Opera for windows wish list:

    I think opera is far better than default chrome from Google, but still suffers from the same usability issues as that ecosystem.

    Interestingly, I switched from Firefox to Opera as default after about 14 years because of better usability (for me that is - it all depends how you browse, everyone is different).

    I never tried Waterfox but I assume right now it's similar to Firefox Classic right?

  • @NewWorldMan Yes. My main beefs are the same with all chromium based browsers, not opera specifically.

  • @seancwopera Personally I've found that no one browser is better than all others in every respect. It's one reason I have several installed.

    With respect to what i choose as default it's a matter of weighing up the pluses and minuses. It was very hard to shift me from Firefox as default. But eventually the shift from Classic to Quantum had just enough annoyances to make me call it a day.

    I'd had Opera installed as an alternative from even before Firefox but, for various reasons, it never made default. But I'd always kept an eye on it. When it moved to Chromium I then, after a while, noticed that its usability was superior to Chrome's from my point of view, so I started using it as a better Chrome for use cases where I needed Chrome-like behaviour. E.g., as a freelance software developer at most sites the developers are using Chrome and typically debugging through Chrome. So I would substitute Opera instead to get a similar experience. Or sometimes I would use Chrome for debugging but switch to Firefox for regular browsing.

    Meanwhile at home, after a certain amount of tweaking and extension discovery, I was able to decide that the Opera experience was now better overall than my Firefox one.

    I still have Firefox installed and do keep an eye on what they're up to but I'm probably unlikely to return now - especially as I now have a political beef with Mozilla. Though my switch was independent of that.