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  • I've been looking forward for development of the future Opera. Now im running latest Stable version 22.0.1471.50 and is happy with it. There is two thing i really missing and that is the Bookmark-bar and Data-sync(Opera Link).

    Has this been removed or will it come back in later version?

  • Alt P (Settings), and put a check in Show Bookmarks Bar, and then you should have a bookmarks bar.

    I recommend that you get the Opera Extension, Add Bookmark,

    as it will make it easier to take a bookmark. It puts a Star to the right side of the address bar, and in the context menu when you right click on a page. You can take a bookmark by clicking on that bar. Otherwise, you need to drag a bookmark from the Speed Dial to the Personal Bookmarks bar, or from the icon for a website on the left side of the address bar to the Personal Bookmarks Bar.

    And if you want, you can add a bookmarks manager extension, like Neater Bookmarks,

    or Chrookmarks for Chrome

    in the Chrome Store. They give you a nice vertical display of bookmarks, and give you folders within folders. To get a Chrome extension, all you need is the Opera extension, called, Download Chrome Extension.

    There is a sync feature (it's an experimental setting, though) that helps the user to sync some settings between two or more Opera Installations. So if you add a new Speed Dial it will be added to all yours Operas. I don't fully understand how this feature works, though. Mention it to point out that it's being worked on. My guess is that something like Opera link will come back. In the meantime, periodically save your Opera profile to a safe place (flash drive ext). You can find the location of your Opera profile, by clicking on the Opera Menu, and then click on About Opera.

  • Sorry! This is not good enough. I can show Bookmark-bar, but i can't configure its appearance.
    Opera had e perfect way of configure Operas look and functionality, but all this is gone. Why?

    BTW! If i want Google Chrome extension, then i use Google Chrome!

  • Opera is NOT Google Chrome; the differences have been posted in countless threads now. Educate yourself before making ridiculous statements.

  • You complained about no bookmarks bar, and no sync, and so i showed you how to have the bookmarks bar, Ronnys, and though it's fine as is, I gave you a suggestion for an excellent way to make it better, lol. I even gave you the links for places to go to accomplish that so you wouldn't have to do any work. I also told you about how sync is being developed, and an experimental feature now available in connection with it. I took time and energy to try to address your initial post, and to help you. Do I get a thank you? Apparently not. Now you have more to complain about. Heaven forbid, you would never take an extension. And all you asked for was the bar, but suddenly now you complain how you can't configure it. If I took more time to show you how to do something more, you'd have five more complaints. You're one continuous "whine."

    • Opera Link/Sync will be there one day. Also from my point of security I have worries about privacy there.
    • You can enable bookmarks in Settings: User interface > Show the bookmarks bar
    • Opera/Chromium(Chrome): I think you're free to choose. If you like something better, just use it. Nobody is forcing you. And if you want to use critic, use normal arguments, that can help make things better for everyone. Cursing won't help anything, and won't move us forward.

    An yes bookmarks are not Bookmarks they used to be on Presto Opera :(. Maybe one day (I still have hope). Even if you don't agree about bookmarks in Opera Presto as one of best features, and argue that it was removed due to "poll" results. I just say, statistics can be moved the way we want result to be ;). And sure me, and other users didn't participate here. It was great feature.

    Bookmarks and Stacked Tabs were features I used to love. Innovations, and approach I liked about Opera. There was not, and till today is not real replacement for this features in any browser! So IMHO, this is the way Opera should go. Try to be different and better.

  • Bookmarks are fine, and they'll be better, so just relax. And there are more ways to take bookmarks with Speed dial, Stash, and the bookmarks bar, and bookmark manager extensions than ever before. It's an abundance of riches, to become even richer in the future. A building is being built, and while workmen are on the scaffolds, you're complaining about what isn't in place. Presto is not being worked on, is essentially dead. As for stacked tabs, not every feature will come back from presto. Most probably will never. That one probably will not. But if enough people used a feature, it's possible the demand will make it happen -- whether via extension or otherwise (next month, next year, next decade), but enough with the complaining.

    This thread is about a bookmarks bar that the poster said wasn't there. Well, it is. He just didn't know how to use it. And it's about no sync, but sync is being worked on. There's already an experimental sync feature Initial thread answered. Don't hijack it. If this becomes a whining thread for everything not there in Presto, it should be closed.

  • I can show Bookmark-bar, but i can't configure its appearance.
    How do you wish you could change it and why would that be useful?