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Custom New Tab Page extension not working

  • I just logged in to see that one of the extensions (Custom New Tab Page) has now been disabled. This means that everytime I open a new tab in Opera, instead of going to my custom url, I have to go to the speed dial. While this may be convenient for everyone, this is a deal breaker for me. Now its an extra click every time I open a new tab. Opera by default doesn't provide this functionality and now I can't use an extension to do this either. This is a joke. Can we please resolve this, I am able to get this functionality on every other browser using an extension except Opera now.

  • @neton-com-au What do you mean by 'has been disabled'? Can't you enable it again?

  • @leocg No, I think its been removed. Here is the message next to it:

    We've identified this extension as malicious and have blacklisted it. This means it can no longer cause any damage to your machine. You can leave it as is, or remove it.

  • @neton-com-au In this case, maybe if and when the extension is jo longer considered a threat, they can allow it to return.

  • @leocg ok. There is an extension on chrome store for this, but looks like we can't install chrome extensions anymore on opera either? Is that right?

  • @neton-com-au You still should be able to do it.

  • You can install chrome extensions on Opera with the help of the Install Chrome Extensions extension by Opera.

    But in this case, it sounds like the same situation that Tampermonkey from chrome extension is facing. In this case, there is a guide to re-enable it but it isn't recommended for every extension that is blocked by Opera.

    So I guess you will have to look for an alternative, or if you trust the extension that much, find the guide and apply it.

  • I have that extension installed but really weird that now when I go to the chrome web store, it comes up with "Available on Chrome" button rather than the "Install in Opera" button that used to be there. It's been to much of a hassle now trying to sort this out so moving to Edge Chromium for now. Will see if there are any updates to Opera at a later stage.

  • You can do it this way if you want.