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Opera GX is coming soon...

  • @artexjay said in Opera GX is coming soon...:

    True, Vivaldi is unfortunately for Opera far more superior .

    When it comes to visual access (freedom in choosing a theme), yes. But Opera have bigger (VPN, built-in adblocker with cryptocurrency lock) and smaller functions (copying addresses of pages from tab without displaying them, also several at once, scrolling up after clicking on the tab, cloud after selecting the text, also with units/time zones conversion) that Vivaldi does not have. So, personally, I'm staying at the Opera and I'm not going to change it (although I would not mind that Opera had a themes maker). The more, in my computer Opera work much smoother.

    @kyu3 said in Opera GX is coming soon...:

    I think Opera GX will have these features.

    Maybe too?

    • Steam Chat in sidebar
    • Steam Guard (verification codes and confirmation) built in Opera


  • @jojo0587
    VPN - is pretty horrible for any person who is privacy conscious. If you want true privacy go with a good VPN. If not you'll get logged on absolutely everything you do just like Opera's.
    Built-in adblocker - is alright though does not successfully blocks all ads/popup ads on some websites. I have reported those sites like a year ago to Opera.
    Crypto Locker - Appeals to a tiny minority who trust the security of the browser... which isn't very secure to begin with. Similar to saving passwords in web browsers.
    I'll give you however some of the smaller functions, although click tabs to scroll up was recorded. The only useful function i've seen from what you have provided in the smaller functions is the units/timezones conversions which i agree was a good addition.

    But Opera doesn't have stacking tabs which helps organize and manage your tabs especially if you research through a lot of links which itself comes with more productivity features. It has better compatibility with chromium extensions. A actual useful sidebar as opposed to Opera's completely half-baked one. Icon only for bookmarks, Way better way to update, which prompts the user. No restrictions on Search engines as well as full user control on each and every feature that is implemented. You already mentioned the themes that you can create as well as a "gaming" colors which changed based on your peripherals through Razer Chroma. Idk, but that blows Opera out of the water for me.
    I also forgot you can mod it too. 😕

    Opera in my eyes has a loooot of work to do with their features either to finish them them with users choices and remove some of the restrictions they have in place currently. Reason why I follow Opera is because i see that they have big potential, like their feature ideas are good just either not well executed imo or not fully done. Idk how big their teams are or how many teams but i think it would be great if they focused on just one browser for platform (together with beta, devs builds) making Opera the one browser that does it all thus combining the GX with standard. And perfecting the one.

    I don't understand what you mean by "cloud after selecting the text". So i have no input on that.

    Anyways it's kinda off topic now lol. So i won't reply about the comparison on this thread

  • Supposedly Cloud gaming is the future so best wishes to the Opera developers. Especially if 5G and fibre reaches the majority of computer users. Its a good time to roll this out before others define the market.

  • I hope the keybinds/shortcuts wont get in the way and mess up the gaming experience

  • @skyrim2011 Cloud gaming still has a loooong way to go. And has still lots of kinks and wrinkles to be ironed out. So cloud gaming might be the future, which personally I'm not a fan of, it's still not the future of tomorrow but rather distant future. That's if you take in account known issues that it has and the infrastructure of internet etc.

  • @kyu3 said in Opera GX is coming soon...:

    I think Opera GX will have these features. 😀

    • Discord on sidebar.
    • Change UI color
    • Support Razer Chroma.
    • Game infromation ( Ranking, News, Messeage, and so on) on Home page or sidebar.
    • Do the task of tab of game as priorty.
    • Not Hibernation the tab of game
    • Easy to record the game video.

    I add the expected feture. It's to be support Google Stadia. Google said the Stadia games were able to play by Chrome. But they didn't say Stadia games were able to play by other browsers. But if users could to play Stadia games by Opera GX, Opera GX would get advantage as "Gaming browser".

  • Official Twitter account anounced Opera GX will be release in E3. It is June 11 at 8:00 AM (Time Zone:PDT).

  • I hope it supports different languages.

  • @aygunbaransel Shouldn't be different than Opera on this.

    1. Why does the basic Opera in the dark theme have an ugly white border in the context menus (context menu pages, tabs, tab bar, address), Opera Menu, etc., and Opera GX does not have it?

    2. Basic color is only black? Why? Please. add choice basic color - black or white/silver.

    3. Please, add RAM- and CPU-meter to basic Opera!