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Change the layout of the sidebar and top bar

  • This update looks a lot like what Microsoft did to office.
    I've got dyslexia and it goes crazy every time I look at the screen.. It's very difficult reading everything properly.
    Can imagine that for people that don't have any reading disability it's still very unclear as well.

    Listed a few points what why I think this update is all but good:

    1. It looks like an unorganized big mass where everything is just dropped in. Nothing in the top and sidebar is being separated, which makes it look like 1 big open space;
    2. Apart from that itlacks oversight, it looks cheap and makes it feel like it's been made in 10 minutes, where every content has been given a space at random;
    3. The coloring scheme is bad, this doesn't have to be caused by the actual colors itself, but could be caused by what I pointed out in point 1, that it's one big open space, rather than having the space separated by borders.

    I'm going to revert back to the previous version if I still can, if not I'll have to uninstall it and find another browser to work with.

  • @barriebaflap What do you call top bar?

  • @barriebaflap Sidebar is organized: Messengers, Features (Instant search, My flow, etc) and the shortcuts to the internal pages (bookmarks, history, etc)

  • My complaint is that there is not enough contrast between text and background, so the interface in the toolbars and tab bar is hard to read. I am currently using Slimjet to read this forum because its interface is easy to read.

  • Well done Opera for ruining the look of my browser!

    The sidebar now has to be either on or off permanently when I just liked it where it was perfectly positioned on my speed dial and the new enforced colour changes are awful to my eyes. Since you don't have the decency to let us change these 'updates' you've introduced I'm going to have to return to Firefox.

  • Managed to find a thread on here telling me how to revert to version 58. Everything in my world is happy again!

    Lots of other threads out there complaining about what you've done Opera.....please pay attention to them!