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  • It seems like after the latest update, every time i try to open my bookmarks while in private mode, it opens up a normal browsing window. Then if i want to open one of the bookmarks, i have to use "Open link in private window", which also opens up a new window every time, rather than using the already opened private window.

  • @splatterbear

    That is correct. It no longer "works that way".

    The good people at Opera thought it was important for incognito mode to only be partially incognito.

    But there is a "workaround".
    Instead of clicking bookmarks from the sidebar. Click it from the menu button.

    HOWEVER, make sure you are opening it on a fresh tab, otherwise it will leave incognito mode.

  • This is an intentional change and was first seen in January of this year. in a developer build.

    This change was made in Chromium, so other Chromium browsers should have inherited the change. But, with Opera's custom bookmarks, Opera had to fix it to follow Chromium.

    Opera could go back doing it the way it was and go against Chromium, but it doesn't appear that Opera wants to, so I think we're SOL.

    Also see

  • I understand that professionals (in any field) have language they use, but some of us learn that we need to "dumb it down" for the non-professional.

    So, since I am not a professional at computers, talk to me in English.

    I add links using Opera (the little heart that is next to the address). I organize my links.
    But now I can't use them as intended.

    How does that make sense?

  • For now, I added a special button on the express panel. This address opens bookmarks in private mode:
    chrome://startpage/bookmarks --private

    Maybe someone knows the command, how to open bookmarks in a new tab?

    I hope the developers will do something.