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flag post with one click

  • hi. o would like to suggest reporting post as spam with one click.

  • You have been reported.
    By mistake.
    In one click.

    Kidding. Did I make myself clear?

  • a flag button isn't working in mini version. I want to fight with spam.

  • A flag button?
    I only know of one such one. Looks like the priority is to make the basic version look and work better.
    As for some mini version (you were referring to?), I think in the end, any alternate gate version shall render a slightly different apparatus - it's like accessing the same site via wap or something: must be different layout, adopted (limited & working a bit differently) tools and features, that sort.

    I haven't tried getting here from any mobile device by now.
    What do you access from?

  • I can't flag post as spam in Opera Mini. Why there isn't Opera Mini beta on Google play?

  • For the record, the Flag option is on the menu from the little gear-shaped icon on the right of every post's header. Yes, somewhat less convenient (and less obvious) than a simple "Report" link like they had in the old forums. If they did change it, you'd still see a dialog asking why you were reporting it (and I'm sure grzejnik32 doesn't mean he wants to bypass the dialog - he just doesn't want to deal with the menu).

    I mean, if it isn't your own post then "Flag" is probably the only option on it anyway, except for us mods who still see Edit and Delete on every post ... and I'm not certain the "Flag" option makes sense for either your own posts or for us mods. (Are you going to report your own post? Am I going to report a post to myself?) Making the cog icon into a flag button on posts where that is the only option sounds reasonable to me. Though obviously I don't know if that is feasible in the current forum software, someone from Opera would have to look into that.

  • Yes, somewhat less convenient (and less obvious) than a simple "Report" link like they had in the old forums.

    Yes, they had, and it too led to a sorta confirmation page (to make reporting more conscious).'d still see a dialog asking why you were reporting it ...

    Yes, like that.
    (Hey, Steve, reporting yourself may seem funny, but probably it could make sense if you've suddenly realised your post is BS while the editing limit is up:)

  • For spam specifically, I'd love it if it was just a one click and you're done deal.

  • But those of us on the other end would hate dealing with all the accidental reports.

  • What grzejnik32 said was that a single click is not functional with Opera Mini. When I click on 'Flag' link I don't see 'flag this' button. 'Flag this' button works via default metaview simulator (with default width) for this forum but not on client side. On Android double tap on 'Flag' option is requested to work with the second layer. Opera Mini for Android and feature phones are Opera ASA products, yes?

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