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[Solved]Opera tabs, address bar and bookmarks bar disappear, leaving white bar about 1" high at top of screen

  • What the title says.

    I can resolve by hitting F11, then F11 again to get out of full screen mode. This happens when launching Opera from a URL link. However, when clicking on another link after Opera is already open, it will just launch a new tab without the top portion of the screen disappearing.

    I have also tried resetting Opera to default settings (keeping data intact).
    This has not resolved the issue.

    Rebooting PC (Win10 V1809) does not resolve issue.

    This issue has come up and disappeared periodically over the past several months, leading me to believe it's related to Windows updates, but I have, in the past, reverted to previous versions without the issue being resolved.

    Opera is up to date. Version: 60.0.3255.84

    Any ideas for troubleshooting and/or resolution would be appreciated.


  • When you open Opera using its shortcut or launcher.exe, Opera opens normally?

  • @leocg When clicking the Opera icon on the taskbar, Opera still is missing the top of the screen until F11 twice restores the top 1".

  • Try uninstalling Opera and reinstalling it again. You can keep your data.

  • i'm having the same problem on opera 60.0.3255.170. with windows 10 pro V1809 build 17763.557
    tried reinstalling, but same.
    for me it doesn't happen all the time, about once a week. and mostly it is solved by restarting my pc or pressing F11 twice

  • @snelstim
    I was able to resolve this problem, but I can't remember what the fix was.

    I had posted the problem on several forums, but could not retrace my history to find out which response and which forum had the fix.

    I believe it had something to do with either an Opera setting or Windows display setting. As I recall, it wasn't something very intuitive.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.