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Opera lost my bookmarks--TWICE

  • I had a collection of dozens and dozens of my favorite sites, some of which were very important to me but which I seldom used. Then Opera upgraded it
    s operating system and, POOF, all of them were gone. That was a terrible shock, but I was stupid enough to trust Opera again, so I started saving bookmarks again. Opera rewarded me by doing the same thing again, although this time they allowed me to keep a few. Is this a problem with Opera that everyone has?

  • I have not had that problem, but I make a habit of backing up my bookmarks just in case. I back them up every time I make a change to them.

  • It's so easy to create bookmarks, but my experience has shown that more is needed, ESPECIALLY WITH OPERA. I'm now thinking of keeping those URLs in a little book. It will take more time, but I'll have them when I need them. Using an external hard drive is not a satisfactory solution for me. I don't even have mine connected anymore. Yes, I'm going to start right now. I am going to write down the URLs of the bookmarks I now have.

  • There's no need to shout.

  • You do not need an external hard drive. Just use a USB flash stick to keep a backup of your bookmark file. Pull down the Bookmarks menu, choose Bookmarks, click Import/Export at the bottom of the page, and go from there.

  • Have you searched for the Bookmarks.bak file?

  • That's great idea. I should have thought of it. Thanks.

    Another one. Why are there people who feel the need to say this? Audio shouting has NOTHING to do with visual emphasis. It's ridiculous and absurd to compare
    the two,, but you're not the first one to do this, UNFORTUNATELY.

  • I'm not comparing anything. Since the Internet was born and probably even before that, write in caps means shouting.

  • The same thing has just happened to me, I think I'm going to stop using Opera, that's the root of the problem.