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Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+W Sometimes broken. Any way to fix?

  • I uncheck that idiotic ctrl+tab thing in settings. I don't know anyone who use it, but in every browser that thing is ON on setup, so unchecking it was 1st thing I do after setup
    BUT! In ~20-30% on my ctrl+tab or ctrl+w it throw me not to tab to the right from current, but to random tab. Without any logic in that... Is there any way to fix that bug, or only way is switch back to chrome?
    PS Great jop, opera team... Break thing that will make someone uninstall your browser less then in a day after install....
    PPS that looks like: I already have ~5 tabs in browser. I'm on 4th of them. I open ~5-7 tabs from that tab with my middle mouse button click. I switch to 1st of that five. I check it and close it with ctrl+w. And... I'm on tab, maybe #2... Or 3, or 6... Is it so hard to make that thing not bug?

  • Maybe the option to Cycle tabs in most recently used order is enabled?

  • @leocg Nope, Cycle is that's that idiotic thing that noone use and that I disabled just in ~2 minutes after setup finish and browser 1st start.
    PS if it somehow not turn off... how can it throw me to tab on that I never switch? Rly, in pps for example I just open 5 tabs, I newer was on them, only on 1st, and it throw me to 3rd... It should throw me on 0 tab from that I open links.

  • You mean when you use Ctrl Tab or Ctrl W? The tab that Opera bring to front when you close a tab may depend on how those tabs were opened.

  • @leocg Both. Sometimes it bugs on ctrl+tab. Bit more often on ctrl+w.
    Anyway, I just use my middle button click (I see 5 links. I just move my mouse to 1st and press middle button. Then I move my mouse to link 2 and pres middle button, etc.) on tab 0 to open 5 tabs. Then I close 1st of them. It should throw me to tab 0, or to tab 2 (2nd link that I opened) after I close tab 1... What logic can be in throwing me to tab 3 or tab 4... ?

  • All links were opened from the same page? All of them have the same domain?

  • @leocg Yep. For example, I'm on youtube. I'm opening 5 videos. Go to 1st tab with video, watch it, close it. And I'm on 3rd of 4th tab with video. Not all times. Near 70-80% of close change tab correctly. With logic that I can understand and know where I will be on tab close.
    PS sometime it throw me to tabs with another site. For example from youtube tab to old-opened and not checked for all time of experiment tab with opera main page.