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[Solved]opera 58or60 runaway RAM question

  • I have been experiencing "run away" RAM usage by both 58 and 60. First had it on 58; upgraded to 60 hoping that it would fix the issue. No luck, same behaviour with 60.

    My computer is running windows 7 Enterprise (don't fix it if it ain't broke) with 16GB of RAM. I have several opera windows with several tabs open in each window. A clean boot of my computer shows ~2.5GB of RAM used for W7 and Outlook and other stuff. Launching Opera brings back all my windows/tabs and puts me at ~5.3GB of RAM. All good so far. However within a day of computer use I notice that my RAM gets maxed out. Sorting on Memory use in Windows Task Manager/Processes clearly shows that the memory hog is OPERA.

    As I'm typing this I see many of the opera.exe images just ticking away adding 200 to 1000 K of RAM willy nilly. I'm only in one tab typing this up and not touching any other opera tab.
    BTW I also notice that 5 or 6 of the opera.exe images are also using 1% to 7% CPU. The other images that are ticking RAM away report 0% CPU probably because they are likely <1%.
    My solution when opera maxes out my RAM is to kill opera in Task Manager and relaunch it or leave it off if I need the RAM for something else. Not exactly optimum.

    My questions:

    1. why is opera eating RAM for no reason?
    2. is there a way to stop this runaway RAM usage?

    Thank you

  • Use Opera's task manager to see what is using that much memory. Also check if the problem happens with a clean profile.

  • @leocg sorry what do you mean by "opera's task manager"? And "clean profile"?
    Thank you

  • Look at Opera menu and you will find the task manager.
    Regarding clean profile, read the FAQ topic in Opera for Computers section.

  • Okay thank you very cool.
    Found it under the O >>> Developer >>> Task Manger

    I can see two tasks that change memory but nothing like what W7 Task Manger (W7TM) reports. Oddly the one task that clearly ticks RAM merrily away adds ~600K/2 seconds but when it reaches ~300,000 it drops back to ~100,000 and starts over. So I do not see anything eating 7GB of RAM.

    I tried "end process" on that one task and it killed the task. It left the window and tab open but with an "out of memory" message and instruction to reload page. W7TM still reports many opera images chewing up ram. Reloading the page brings it back at ~50,000 and ticks away as before.

    The only other thing showing memory changes is "Plug-in: Shockwave Flash". It does tick memory away but very slowly ~30K /30 seconds. So I killed the plug in and W7TM keeps on ticking away.

    BTW "GPU process" reports ~600,000K, I don't see that as onerous...

    Regarding a "clean profile" I only found "clean" in under
    "if opera crashes". But this seems a bit of a drastic measure.
    Won't this lose all my nicely organized windows and tabs? I will defer to this as a last resort.

    I'm going to kill opera from W7TM and then check O-TM to see if anything looks different. Will report back tomorrow as I have other pressing things to do.

    Thank you

  • About clean profile:

    If you just rename the directory, you can restore your data. You can also use Opera portable to test.

  • So I killed Opera from W7TM and relaunched. Both WTM and O-TM reported similar as before.

    I killed opera again and renamed both the profile and cache folders (opera://about). Deleted the install folder and installed a new O-60. I renamed the new profile and cache folders and renamed the old back. Relaunched Opera and have all my windows back so all good.

    Happy to report that even though W7TM reports fluctuating RAM usage most actually go up and reset at alower value and then tick up again. End result is a reasonably stable 11GB of RAM in total use. So looks like the reinstall cleaned up whatever was happening and now my opera seems "stable".

    Thank you for your help