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Opera must remove My Flow and News from the browser! It is useless to me!

  • This thing called "my flow" and "news" must be removed from opera-beta to all plataforms! They are useless!

    If i want to follow any news, i can turn the tv on and watch it on the tv screen or listen it on the rádion!

    i do not want to know about useless things popping up on the browser i used to navigate at the internet to read about "famous" and other crap stuffs!

    Honestly, opera is becoming too loosey on their purpose. All right everything has to evolve to a better thing but these two options in opera and the removal of "Privacy and Security" settings and also the removal of the text to speak option from the older opera engine Presto are really making me decide to change to another browser.

    It was really nice when opera was the only browser with is own engine, not depending on google and other "big" companies to make it pathway! opera was unique with Presto Engine. Too bad this company decided to drop its own origin to become another google-ish browser.

  • The time you wasted posting here, you could have opened settings page and disabled Flow. And also news on start page.

  • @leocg

    I did, but i prefer it removed from the software and have privacy and settings fully back!

  • @tioosaminha if you don't care for specific features then don't use them and/or disable them. Don't assume other users have no use for them. We are all different.

  • @tioosaminha I use flow all the time for sending sites to/from my phone. It's pretty damn useful to me.

  • @tioosaminha said in Opera must remove My Flow and News from the browser! It is useless to me!:

    have privacy and settings fully back!

    The Privacy and Security settings are still there. They're under 'Advanced'.