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Since Opera 20 i can't import my Bookmarks

  • hello,

    after the update to Opera 20 on Windows 7 i cant import my Bookmarks from opera 15 windows.
    Is opera no longer supporting any bookmarks more or what?

    where is this feature gone?

    i have updated opera today again to 22 and nothing changes in this issue.

    will there be a possibility to add this bookmarks somehow? or is this feature forever gone?

    the next problem is: it is not possible to export the new bookmarks.

    what happend to the nice browser. why this all happens???

  • Do you still have the installation of Opera 15 on your computer? If so, you could try copying the bookmarks file from the profile in Opera 15 into the profile in Opera 22.

    Opera 22 does not have a bookmarks exporting feature.

  • and opera 22 have not a bookmarks importing feature . so terrible .

  • It does have a bookmarks importing feature for importing from opera Presto (Click on the Opera menu, More Tools, and Bookmarks Importer). Otherwise there are workarounds. One can always move bookmarks to Opera 12 (from a third party browser) and then import into Opera 22 via the Importer. Or in Chrome-like browsers, just copy the bookmarks file from the third party browser profile into the Opera 22 profile. (Or use XMarks extension to sync bookmarks from Chrome.

    Where there's a will, there's a way. 😉 Usually. Because I'm not sure if arty4u has lost those Opera 15 bookmarks, of if he still has them.

  • I am disappointed , will never use opera again, i need reinstall OS but i need to spend a lot of my time to save bookmarks, bb opera , guys close you poor project, or hire normal people who have brains:)

  • The inability to import bookmarks is a grievous omission IMO, otherwise a fine browser and one if given that simple ability would surely become the only browser I would use. Unfortunately, I am uninterested in traveling to every site I previously favorited (bookmarked).

    Hopefully, this feature will be added. As an aside the fixes currently being offered reference menu choices that are not available on the current stable build. ?


  • I'm really disgusted to find that whilst this is the fastest browser I have ever used, and has a nice database of extensions and etc. I cannot import my bookmarks or add a Home Button by default. I understand that you may be trying to set a different standard or something but this still infuriates me. You have to understand that you are not the world's most popular browser and that people who bother to try Opera out, will immediately leave if they find too many dissimilarities. Give us the option to import our bookingmarks without having to use some stupid method, and give us the ability to add a home button.

    Almost ALL of your help documents are completely out of date for Opera 24.

  • F1 or 'Menu / Help'

  • Imagined, the latest version of Opera planted, they were slow, slowed my computer, out of curiosity I restarted the 12.17 version, and what a joy to find full comfort of a real browser.

  • My bookmarks are trapped in your site and although I spent 2 hours reading useless and outdated Opera help, I didn't found solution for importing bookmarks in Opera 27. After 8 years of using Opera I will reinstall it on all of my devices. Only reasonable question I can ask is: are you insane?

  • So, what you are saying is you blundered around on the website looking at old documents, and thats Operas fault? Did you even try using the Import feature in Settings? And what do you mean 'trapped on your site'? Are you talking about the old MyOpera? That was shut down a year ago. Users were notified and given plenty of time to transfer their files. Its not their fault if you didn't read your emails. What, you just now finding out that your Geocities page was taken offline too?