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How to add the Chrome Bookmarks functionality to the latest version of Opera

  • Hi guys and gals, I've seen many people complain that Opera doesn't provide the "Other Bookmarks" infrastrure that Chrome provides on the top right of that browser. That is, a bookmarks folder that includes bookmark subfolders. Opera only has the bookmarks bar (I'm using version 21.0.1432.67), but you can create subfolders within any folder of the bookmarks bar. Just create a new folder on the bookmarks bar and drag it in another folder of the bar that you want as your parent folder. Bingo, your folder now has a subfolder! Any webpage you're currently on that you want to bookmark, you can drag it to your folder or subfolder.

    This way you can have one general folder on your Bookmarks bar called e.g. Bookmarks and all your other folders as subfolders within it, reducing clutter on the bar.

    If you want, you can import (synchronize in this case) the "Other Bookmarks" of your Chrome browser to Opera. Here's my workaround:

    Add the Xmarks Bookmarks addon in both Chrome and Opera (it will ask you to create an account, no big deal)

    Then go to your Chrome Bookmarks Manager. Create a folder e.g. Bookmarks, in your Chrome Bookmarks Bar. Copy paste all folders and bookmarks of the "Other Bookmarks" folder into the Bookmarks folder. Press the Xmarks button to the top right of your browser to synchronize.

    Go now to your Opera browser. Likewise, press the Xmarks button to synchronize. You will now have a folder in your Opera bookmarks bar which is essentially the "Other Bookmarks" folder you have on you Chrome broswer.

    Hope this works out for you

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  • It sounds like you're trying to make certain (in creating the folder "Bookmarks" in the Chrome Bookmarks Bar, and then copying folders and bookmarks of the "Other bookmarks" folder into the folder, "Bookmarks") that the items in the Other Bookmarks folder in Chrome come across to Opera in the Sync. Sounds like a pretty easy way to move the Chrome bookmarks (even the folders within folders) to Opera. Nice tip, Groovemachine.

    For people wanting to import from Chrome to Opera 21, wouldn't the folders within folders in the Chrome browser also show up in the Personal bookmarks bar in Opera 21, if you: (1) activate the personal bookmarks bar, and (2) just copy the bookmarks file in the Chrome profile to the Opera profile? I'm wondering about that. I didn't import my bookmarks from Chrome (but from Opera 12), so I'm not sure. So if anyone has had experience doing it that way, let us know.

  • I haven't tried it with Opera 21 because the sync functionality is just so versatile to simultaneously syncronize across all browsers (Firefox etc.) Anything on the Chrome bookmarks bar will syncronize with Opera, with the exception of the "Other Bookmarks" folder in Chrome. It is the only thing that is not recognized by Opera, which is why I copied it to another folder on the Chomes Bookmarks bar and then deleted the content of the "Other Bookmarks" (when you delete the contents, the folder stops showing on the Chrome browser. If you add even one item, it will show again).

    I once copied the bookmarks file from Chrome to Opera 19 I think in the past, but the result wasn't the one I expected (in all honesty I don't remember the details, I think it didn't produce the subfolders, or didn't product the "Other Bookmarks" content, but take that info with a grain of salt. I only remember that I was wasn't satisfied). Maybe with Opera 21 things are different, anyone who has done this is welcome to enlight.

    The only thing lacking now for me in Opera 21 is a bookmark manager like Chrome has. Every folder on the Bookmarks bar in Opera can be alphabetically sorted by right clicking on the folder and clicking on the sort command, which is great. Other than that, you have to manually organize your stuff as you see fit by dragging and dropping from within the folders themselves, there is no interface like the bookmark manager in Chrome.

    The workaroud for this is organizing your bookmarks the way you want in the Chromes bookmarks manager, than synching again and voila, they are organized in your preferred manner in Opera as well.

    Opera is consistently faster and lighter on my computer than Chrome but the bookmarks issue was a pain in the rear regions, but it is now reasonably solved until Opera decides to incorporate these features.

  • @groovemachine

    The only thing lacking now for me in Opera 21 is a bookmark manager like Chrome has. Every folder on the Bookmarks bar in Opera can be alphabetically sorted by right clicking on the folder and clicking on the sort command, which is great. Other than that, you have to manually organize your stuff as you see fit by dragging and dropping from within the folders themselves, there is no interface like the bookmark manager in Chrome.

    You know you can use Chrome extensions in Opera 21. 🙂 All you need is to download the Opera extension, called "Download Chrome Extension."

    I use Neater Bookmarks (a Chrome Bookmarks Manager extension) with Opera 21. Here's a link to it.

    It's pretty good. I recommend it And you can organize your folders (not just the links in the folders) by right clicking on the bookmarks display in the extension and choosing "sort alphabetically." Of course, since with Opera, you can use Chrome extensions, if you're unhappy with Neater Bookmarks (I don't think you will be) you could try another Chrome bookmarks manager extension. Two others that are pretty good are Chrookmarks for Chrome, and Tidy Bookmarks for Chrome. I had used them for a while before changing to Neater Bookmakrs.

    I also recommend the little bookmark extension from the Opera store called, Add Bookmark.
    It's probably something that should have been part of the basic browser. It gives you a little star on the right of the address bar. You click on that if you want to bookmark a page, and it even lets you select the folder you want to put the bookmark in. (Earlier versions had it also available in the right click context menu, but that's gone for the moment, will supposedly come back as an update option). There are other way to add bookmarks (control D, or dragging with the mouse from the left icon in the address bar or the link-thumbnail in the Speed Dial to the Personal Bookmarks toolbar), but I think the little bookmark extension is one of the best.

    I agree that Opera 21 is faster and "lighter on the computer" than Chrome. When I tried it for a while, Chrome was using up all of my CPU and I think giving me some blue screens with Windows 7.

  • We're really liking the free version of Linkman (Lite) at work. It tests very well with the user base who are Opera users.

  • Is it working for moving bookmarks to Opera 21 from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera 12? Are you finding it at work easy to use? With all of the problems people have had migrating their bookmarks from other browsers to Opera 21, something to make that migration easier would be wonderful.

    It's a bit hard for me to understand, but here's a review I found on it.

    I'm not sure if it moves your bookmarks, or creates a central repository of your bookmarks for all your browsers -- whether that would be easy to handle or unwieldy. I'm focusing more on whether it could help migrate bookmarks from a third party browser to Opera 21 -- putting them on Opera's bookmarks bar. I don't know the answer to that.

  • I used to have Neater Bookmarks, its' virtue is the feature of alphabetical sorting, but lacks the "Windows Explorer" like interface that Chrome Boomarks Manager has (the double column infrastucture). I remember checking all options and Neater Bookmarks was the best I could find.

    I've installed plenty of Chrome extensions on Opera without the use of "Download Chrome Extension", I didn't even know it existed! When I navigate to the Chrome Web Store (from within Opera) and proceed with an installation of an extension, it prompts me with a message that I confirm and is then automatically installed in Opera. Good to know though of this extension you mention (it may come in handy with Windows XP users, in that particular OS the automatically installation as I described above does not apply).

    The "Add Bookmarks" extension is truly useful, it surely beats having to drag your bookmark to the subfolder you want. Thanks for all your suggestions!

    I'm just checking out Linkman, from what I see it's an alternative to Xmarks which I am happily satisfied with and use it to flawlessly synchronize bookmarks across three browsers. A standby alternative is always good to be within arms (mouse click's) reach 🙂

  • I just checked through my Opera extensions and discovered that "Download Chrome Extension" was already installed there! So much for the "automatic" downloading (as if it was some inherent function of Opera), at some point I simply installed it...Point is I had done a diligent search for these things and from what I see lem729 so have you as you were spot on with your suggestions!

  • 🙂 thanks. Have fun with Opera!