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  • hello, i was interested over the years how will DuckDuckGo evolve and the only thing that was stopping me from using it was the lack of image results

    now it has been completely revamped, it has this sleek design and it has its own image results, its a great search engine

    the problem is, that no matter how i add it into Opera (ive tried with 21 and 22 Stable), it wont allow me to add it as a default search engine, thus, i cant use it properly

    apparently this is an issue with all of the search engines that have to be manually added into Opera

    my question is, will there be an update in the future that will allow third-party search engines to be set as default, without having to press a hotkey (like "d" for DuckDuckGo) in order to select it?

  • You can search from the main address bar with DuckDuckGo without the initial/code, and essentially have it as a default, if you use the Disconnect Search extension (from the Opera Store).

    After you install Disconnect Search, just check DuckDuckGo in it as your default search engine, and then also choose to search from the main address bar.

    The results should be very similar to what you would get using DuckDuckGo outside the extension, with an exception for geographically targeted results. For example, if you search for a local restaurant or store, the search engine won't know your location so it won't be able to geographically target the results. Sponsored links (otherwise known as advertisements) might also be different, since the search engine will not be able to target them based on your past browsing behavior or other information they know about you.

    I don't know the answer to your question about Opera's plans for the future. The reason for the limitation to five default search engines was that malware and adware were hijacking people's browsers to unsafe locations.

    Now here's something more on Disconnect Search. By the way, I like it and use it. I make DuckDuckGo my default search engine, and do my searches from the main Opera Address Bar. Because the Disconnect Search is safer though, I don't hesitate, if I want to check other results, to try the search in another search engine (used by Disconnect).

  • i tried what you just told me about disconnect search, it really uses duckduckgo as the default search engine, but its using some weird outdated layout, which doesnt have the most imporant thing - native image results, in fact it doesnt have any image results

    what you told me is definitely a solution, but sadly, not to my problem, i still thank you for taking your time and writing a thorough reply

  • Wait, don't be discouraged. I just sent today an email to the developer (when I saw your post) (and tested DuckDuckGo myself for visuals). It will take a day or so to get a response. They are reasonably prompt responding, as I have written them before. My guess is that DuckDuckGo has a new visual feature, and they will take a short while in Disconnect but will implement it. I saw their Google Search, does give already visuals, so I would guess they will do the same for DuckDuckGo. So I will post again in this thread when I hear from the developer. You can also write the developer by email and ask also, if you wish.. Go all the way to the bottom of the page at the link below for email support.

  • with the extension it looks like this:

    the real thing looks like this:

  • No I understand. I wrote the developer toady (after seeing your post) and asked about their implementation of the visual feature. 🙂 And you can also send them an email 🙂 You got your links mixed up though. The real thing is the first link, and the extension is the second one.

    What they're missing is the ability to click on Image, when the search query comes up. The developer just wrote and asked: "Just to confirm: when you use Disconnect Search with DDG set as your search engine, the images feature for DDG does not come up. Is that right?" So stay tuned (check back on this thread), and I will try to get more information on this issue for you.

  • @usagigari

    I received an email today from Disconnect Search saying they identified that issue that's causing the problem with DuckDuckGo, to be patient and that they would have it -- that visual feature -- resolved in the next couple days.