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How do I set my home page to something other than Opera Speed Dial?

  • I've been using FVD Speed Dial for years as it's the only way I've been able to maintain my saves across browsers.
    (or even have a decent speed dial at all in a browser)

    some time ago (not sure which update) Opera seems to have removed the ability to set a custom home page...
    what's annoying about this is I now need FVD's extension button displayed and can't use the New Tab button to open it.

    if there's still a way to set my home page to FVD speed dial so I can remove the extension button.
    note that I'm looking to set the home page, not the startup page
    currently I have my startup set to load my tabs from the previous session (which I want)

    why does Opera merge remembering open tabs with only Opera Speed Dial as the startup page?

    On Startup:

    • Begin fresh with start page
    • Retain tabs from previous session
      Display the start page first (o )
    • Open a specific page or set of pages

    bad design right there
    a better design would be:

    Home Page:

    • Opera speed dial
    • Custom:
      [ _________________________ ]

    On Startup:

    • Display your home page
    • Display a custom start page:
      [ _________________________ ]

    Retain tabs from previous session ( o)
    Start with home page first (o )

    please fix 🙂

  • There's no homepage in Opera. You can set a page or more to open when you start Opera but that's all, you will always see start page when you open a new tab.

    Don't know if there are any extensions that could change it.

  • @leocg please bring this up to your dev team
    I'm sure you guys can re-add support 🙂

    I really hope Opera isn't taking the same dumb path as other businesses, getting rid of great features and limiting users and such.

    otherwise the only other option I have is building my own browser 😞

    also, there's no extensions sadly 😞
    the only extension I could find is no better than what FVD does already with it's extension button

    Shame on the devs for omitting the feature and enforcing users to use Opera's speed dial

  • I'm just an user.

    You can ask for it or show your support for the one of the already existing requests.

  • Opera Chromium never had a homepage, so it can't be re-add. 🙂

    And I really don't see a good reason for them to start allowing setting a homepage.

  • @leocg fair enough, I may have been wrong with the homepage bit, confusing it with a new-tab page...
    but there was definitely an option to have it 😛
    and THAT's what I'm complaining about here

    it was omitted and users are forced on Opera's speed dial
    and that's what I'm shaming about above

    so yeah, sorry for the confusion 🙂

  • In Opera Presto there was one, if I remember correctly.

    But I guess that having a homepage back there used to make more sense

  • @leocg either way, you know what I meant now 🙂
    thanks for inadvertently correcting me

    yeah new-tab page, not homepage
    though is there really a difference
    both literally did the same thing X3

  • no, it is a very good design. just it needs a copy of the design for the speed dial page

  • This post is deleted!