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there are no servers for VPN operation

  • Hello, VPN has stopped working for a month already. How much is not worth it, he still can not connect to the servers. 3 weeks ago there was a warning that corrective work was underway, but in fact nothing happened.

  • Does your nation apply Internet censorship? (That is, what part of the world are you located, being as specific as you feel safe saying). If you are in Russia, news reports earlier this year indicate it is significantly increasing its censorship technology and experimenting with cutting off Internet access entirely to/from outside Russia upon command; blocking users' VPN access may be part of such a process, implemented even at local ISP levels. Sometimes, when things are put in place for a test, they don't always get fully backed out afterward.

    Have you tried accessing the VPN from another location within your immediate area (another ISP, etc)?

  • @blackbird71 I'm from Kazakhstan. Yes, the sites are blocked, but so much. There are other applications and everything works fine with VPN. That's specifically built into Opera VPN does not work. He can not find a server to work, It is worth hours trying to connect. The old version 12 ** works fine somewhere, but nothing works in the new version of the browser.

  • 1.5-2 months ago, the browser worked well. There was an update and everything stopped working. Rollback to the previous version does not help up to the 50 ** version.

  • Maybe the connections to the VPN servers are being blocked.

  • @sxsxs007 Have you tried installing Opera's 'portable' version to see if its VPN works? ( )

    Another possibility to consider is that censors may believe that blocking Opera's VPN addresses will censor the casual Kazakh browser user while still allowing the more technically-proficient users to access their more robust VPNs. This is a known tactic in the Mideast, where the censors are reluctant to block foreign business visitors who fairly often use such robust VPNs for private business communications with their home offices.

  • @leocg I do not think that blocking VPN. Otherwise, everything else would not work either. And since the extensions and the old version of the browser work

  • @blackbird71 Hello. Yes, I tried the portable version and reinstalled. None went except the old versions. In the old version of the VPN goes with a bang, but there is already not enough of all that is in the new. And the new one itself worked, and the next day it stopped. Previously, this was when we were working on the servers of the opera, but at most a couple of days. And in this situation for almost 2 months so worth it. Made a screen to make it clearer. In this position, the VPN can stand for days on the span and nothing will change!Безымянный.png

  • Which old version? The VPN is on in that version too?

  • @leocg Checked in versions 12.50 and 40 there access with VPN works. The new version of the browser is not connected. as in the screenshot above, you can connect forever

  • Opera 12.50 didn't have a VPN if I remember correctly. And Opera 40 still use Surfeasy VPN, I guess.

    So maybe only the new VPN, that uses Opera's own servers, is being blocked.

    You need to check in a different network and also with a different ISP.

  • The VPN first appeared in Opera at version 38, and was operated through SurfEasy's VPN servers, which company Opera had just acquired.

  • Thanks, fixed the company name on my post.

  • @leocg I apologize for the wrong version 42.50 and not 12, you are probably right about using VPN servers in new versions of the browser. It remains to kick the provider, why he does it. thank

  • I can also confirm unavailability of VPN in Kazakhstan. Tried with latest Opera version on several machines. In fact, I downloaded the new version because of advertised VPN function, but it's not working. =(( Also, none of the VPN extentions from Opera's official extention market work too. So I guess I'll stick with Firefox and it's VPN extentions as they work like a charm.