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"Clear browsing data" - menu gone (61.0.3268.0)?

  • Hi community,

    I'm happy with the developer-Version, but since upgrade to 61.0.3268.0 the menu
    "Clear browsing data"
    is no longer available!

    Before upgrade there was under Privacy and security, this Clear browsing data- Menu!
    Here you could select different types of data to clear, and a button "Clear data" executes it.

    And now Ctrl.+Shift+Del is the 'new' shortcut, but no menu pops up 😞

    Anybody else with the same task?

  • Menu > History > Clear browsing data is still there for me.

  • I was about to say "they work for me", but then I discovered that you are on opera developer and I am on opera stable.
    So, I installed opera developer and checked again. There is no "clear browsing data" in preferences at all, the entry under o-menu > history > clear browsing data just pops up the preferences page instead of that popup, and ctrl+shift+del does nothing at all.
    So yes, the option is broken completely in opera developer. Go file a bug report 🙂

  • @jimunderscorep said in "Clear browsing data" - menu gone (61.0.3268.0)?:


    Thank you for aknowledge.
    Just report it and

    Opera bug report wizard say

    Your form has been successfully submitted.

  • Hi guys, just for the reference: "Yes, this issue was not fixed yet. Currently whole privacy and security section is missing on Linux." - the source link.

  • Hello guys.

    I guess opera dev team decided to mess up with all linux users this time!

    As i read at the opera changelog, posted by a woman with a odd name...

    "Changelog for 60
    Kornelia Mielczarczyk Feb 21, 2019
    60.0.3255.27 – 2019-04-09 blog post
    DNA-76806 [Linux] Privacy and security section not available"

    Why just with linux? Why not with Ruindows or Mac OS?? What is the point in removing a hole security section from linux plataform?

    Aren't they a google-ish based browser?

    On the Google Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Release Version) 64 bits, this option is fully available, even at the chromium official version too!

    So, why opera dev team had not followed the same? why remove these options(clear browser data and privacy and security)?

    This is something to think about it!!!!!

  • As you said, there was a bug and it was fixed.

  • That "odd name" just happens to be from Poland, by the way.

  • @tioosaminha said in "Clear browsing data" - menu gone (61.0.3268.0)?:

    As i read at the opera changelog, posted by a woman with a odd name...

    Hahahahaha! Best comment on the forum!
    As mentioned already, the fix has not been ported in opera developer yet.

  • Hi guys, the issue looks to be fixed in the latest Opera developer 61.0.3282.0.

  • [solved]

    After Update to 61.0.3282.0 stection for deleting browser Data is available again:

    Delete- acton is executing ☀

    Thank's for working so hard!