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Opera Version:58.0.3135.117 Opera is up to date but Videos don't play

  • @adasiko said in Opera Version:58.0.3135.117 Opera is up to date but Videos don't play:

    It’s not how patents works. You (as developer) can not just including this decoders in your browser without payments.

    x264 is a free and open-source software library

    I think that says otherwise
    yeah you can
    there is no payments
    it's FOSS

    Only problem in Linux is dependency hell and different environments (different library versions).

    not sure what that has to do with opera's potential implementation of x.264
    there shouldn't be that many dependencies involved between distros (except KDE which is a dependency meme)

    that said, x.264 should be cross-distro compatible >_>

    I hate USB keyboards, if you find any more typos, this is why.

  • @Tcll

    free and open-source software library

    It’s not enough.

    H.264 is protected by patents owned by various parties. A license covering most (but not all) patents essential to H.264 is administered by a patent pool administered by MPEG LA.[3]

    The commercial use of patented H.264 technologies requires the payment of royalties to MPEG LA and other patent owners. MPEG LA has allowed the free use of H.264 technologies for streaming Internet video that is free to end users, and Cisco Systems pays royalties to MPEG LA on behalf of the users of binaries for its open source H.264 encoder.

  • @adasiko I see, so Cisco pays the royalties in order for x.264 to be free for us

    I knew someone was paying royalties, but never really paid attention
    I accept ignorance here

    still, my argument stands
    as a FOSS developer myself who wholeheartedly supports FOSS development, I can do what I want.

    why am I supporting opera if I'm a FOSS supporter?
    because unlike any other browser, Opera is the most secure thanks to the modifications they made to chromium's content blocker to block ads and trackers.

    it's a shame no other browser makes any attempt to be this secure.
    it's also a shame Opera doesn't try to reap the benefits of FOSS for even better security.

    what about Tor?
    put Opera through a Tor network on it's VPN allowing optimized connection
    and you'll have better security and anonymity than Tor Browser.

  • @Tcll TOR is a discussion for another topic.

  • @leocg yeah, I only wanted to bring the thing to light as it is important for a comparison, not derail the topic 😉

    thanks for the precautionary measure though 👍

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