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What still bugs me in opera (on linux and in general)...

  • Hello everyone 🙂

    It has been a long time since I wanted to make a thread like this and express my opinions and complaints, so here it goes. The following list is at least a year old, so please bear with me if anything is already fixed. Plus, if something is fixed, it is mentioned.
    So, leaving aside the most common issues of libffmpeg and the ugly csd, here I go! Please share your thoughts too.

    - Disclaimer about codecs
    Ok, there can not be h264 and other proprietary codec support anytime soon due to licencing issues. But please put a small note either on the browser's very first launch or after the package installation so that the end user knows what to expect and not spam the forum with stuff that has been discussed in every single way.

    - Network hogging on first launch (fixed at v55 or so)
    Every single time I launch opera after a fresh boot, opera eats all my bandwidth for 20-30 seconds. Other pages load slower than snails, my internet radio station skips and the iptv service on the other room stops completely! Ok, I understand that this is telemetry stuff that is sent back, but we are talking about 20MB of stuff (that is what my connection can send at 800kb/s for 30 sec)! And I do not use news on start page or my flow or something similar!
    Luckily, this was addressed in v55 or so by disabling "Send news usage data to improve personalization", "Help improve Opera by sending feature usage information" and "Automatically send crash reports to Opera" under privacy and security.

    - Old help pages
    Please remove all the presto related help pages. Opera no longer supports npapi plugins, it does not have the f12 menu and many more. Nowadays, it is as obsolete as internet explorer 8. Plain and simple 🙂

    - Slow history search
    Searching opera's history from that search box on the top is slow, period. In fact, it is so slow that most of the time it is faster to go back to google, search again for the same thing, find it and visit it from there. On the same system, searching through firefox's and chromium's history is a lot faster.

    - Search engines
    Those are search engines on the right click menu.
    First of all, I would love to remove the ones I do not use (all but google).
    Second, I would like to be able to edit the default ones, because wikipedia points to the greek version of the site, which is poor compared to the english one.
    Third, I would like to be able to re-order the ones I have added myself.
    For all the above issues, there is a file you can edit (~/.config/opera/default_partner_content.json), but opera won't start after you edit it 😃

    - Documentation for chromium's command line switches
    From time to time, someone asks about something that can only be resolved by using a command line switch on opera's shortcut. Instead of searching through chromium's countless command line switches and then testing which ones work with opera and which ones don't, please provide us with the ones that do. And no, the output of opera --help is not helpful.

    - Extensions bar out of nowhere
    From time to time, the extension bar pops up on the side of opera for no reason. I have no extensions that use the side bar, only ublock origin, so why does it pop up?

  • On that last one - perhaps there is a keyboard shortcut?

  • There is, ctrl+shift+s, but I definitely don't press it accidentally.

  • Strange ... I haven't seen the extension sidebar mysteriously appear. I understand the regular sidebar can appear if you've enabled one of the chat apps and received a message in that app. You said you don't have any sidebar extensions - that implies you do have other extensions. Which ones?

    (I fixed your typo, and hence deleted the comment about it.)

  • I only have ublock origin (for obvious reasons), autoscroll (because chromium based browsers do NOT scroll the page when you click the middle mouse button) and gif jam (because I have to stop some animations on the smileys on a forum).

    Oddly, only ublock origin appears in the extensions bar, which means it is "extetensions bar" capable. Upon clicking it, the usual logger of ublock comes up in the sidebar, so that's probably why.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @jimunderscorep said in What still bugs me in opera (on linux and in general)...:

    - Extensions bar out of nowhere
    From time to time, the extension bar pops up on the side of opera for no reason. I have no extensions that use the side bar, only ublock origin, so why does it pop up?

    I have had this issue a few times, recently also. The extensions sidebar just appears for no reason.

  • It closes Whatsapp web a few seconds when i Keep the session started. Fedora 29 GNOME.

  • Let me add a couple more...

    - Keeping up with chromium releases
    As of today (March 22nd, 2019), opera stable is still based on chromium 71, which means it lags 2 major versions behind,
    That delay became visible, again, yesterday that ubuntu upgraded chromium and chromium ffmpeg codecs to 73 and there are already THREE threads with the usual "vids are not playing today, but they did play yesterday" complaint. And all of them are from ubuntu (or ubuntu-based distro) users.
    Its more than obvious that opera's 3 channels of development (stable, beta and developer) just can't keep up with chromium's 3 (stable, beta and dev). So why don't wou just drop one and keep stable and beta for instance, like you do on the for mobile opera and opera mini?
    I hate to say it, but I assume you know which chromium based browser, and a good opera alternative (as considered by many people but not me) does that: vivaldi. (stable and snapshot versions).

    - Stable releases tied to ubuntu's releases of chromium (?)
    I am pretty sure the opera team is waiting for ubuntu to package the next version of chromium before releasing the next version in line for stable.
    Of course this does not apply for the last 2 versions of chromium, because of the above reason.
    So, although I can not recall the exact version or opera and chromium, I can recall at least one time that the slow pokes of ubuntu packaged chromium 3-4 WEEKS after its official release. And opera followed, relaasing the next version on stable channel a couple of days later. Needless to say that almost ALL distros had packaged chromium in the first 10 days or so.
    Why should someone, regardless of distro, wait for ubuntu's maintainers in order to see an update for his/her main browser?

  • Each version of Opera is based on a version of Chromium. So when a new stable version is released, a newer version of Chromium will be there.

  • You are totally wrong on that, and here is the proof. Opera 58 is based on chromium 71 and that chromium version was released 3 months ago

    Opera 59 (chromium 72 based) is not in beta anymore, while opera 60 (chromium 73 based) is on both beta and developer channels. In fact, given the existing mess, I would not be suprised if opera stable skipped 59 completely and went straight to 60. That would be the best solution imho.

    On top of that, let me make an example of how chromium's versioning works in relation to time, and compare it to how opera's versioning does.

    • Today, chromium 73 is in stable, 74 is in beta and 75 is in dev. The day that 74 reaches stable, 75 will become beta and 76 will become dev. On the very same day, without any delay.
      The same happens in firefox too, but firefox is a different story, not related to ours.
    • In opera though, things are different. I will use a different set of version numbers because today's is messed up with opera stable being on 58 and both beta and developer being at 60, Let's say opera stable is at 58, opera beta is at 59 and opera developer is at 60 today, so that the number "match".
      If opera 59 becomes stable tomorrow, opera beta will stay at 59 and developer will stay at 60 for some time When will they be updated? Sometime in the following days and not on the same day again, because there is no real schedule about it!

    And that is what bugs me above when I say that 3 branches are too much for the devs to handle.

  • And what it has to do with what I said?

    Opera 58 is based on Chromium 71, Opera 59 would be based on 72 and 60 is based on 73, that's what I said.

  • I guess that because of Reborn 3 there was a delay in Opera releases and that's why they are so behind in what regards to Chromium versions.

  • The schedule example? It has nothing to do with what you said.
    I was just pointing out that today's opera stable is not based on today's (or even the previous) version of chromium but on an even older one. You said that there is one stable version of opera for each stable version of chromium and I proved you wrong.

    And you are probably right about the delay due to reborn 3, but try explaining that to a simple user like the ones that started the 3 threads yesterday. All with a different subject/issue yet all pointing to the same problem.
    For most of us, regular functionality is more important than a redesign.

  • You didn't prove anything. What I said was that each version of Opera is based on a version of Chromium and that's correct.

  • Since my other thread about csd was locked without any notification or explanation, even with a pm, I add the bad csd as another annoyance.

    - Ugly csd that can not be removed

    p.s. If there is any mod that knows the reason it was locked, please pm me.

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