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Push Notifications with `{requireInteraction: true}` do not display on macOS

  • Issue
    If a push notification received is displayed with {requireInteraction: true} on macOS it is not shown at all. The issue is reproducible on macOS 10.14.2 on both Opera Stable (58.0.3135.90) AND Opera Dev channel (60.0.3254.0). This is not an issue on either Stable versions of Opera for Window 10 or Opera Android. Also NOT an issue on Chrome Stable (72).

    Steps to Reproduce
    Issue can be reproduce when displaying a notification from a received event with {requireInteraction: true}.

    self.registration.showNotification("Test", { requireInteraction: true });

    Or as a quick test follow these steps.

    1. Visit
    2. Accept notification permissions.
    3. Press "Display the notification"
    4. Note that nothing happens on Opera for macOS.

    Repeating these steps after unchecking "Req. interaction" displays just fine.


  • Thank you, I will report this issue.

  • Howdy,
    This is still an issue. Tested on Version:62.0.3331.43

    Please resolve soon

  • I created an account just to +1 this issue. Not respecting the requireInteraction: true flag would be one thing, but not displaying the push at all is very undesirable behavior, and Opera Mac is the only browser displaying this shortcoming.

  • For mac, select [Preferences]-[Notifications] to set the notification display method for each application.
    You can select None / Banner / Notification Panel.
    The default is a banner, which matches the behavior of requireInteraction false.
    In case of notification panel, requireInteraction matches true behavior.

    The behavior cannot be changed from the application due to OS limitations.

  • I did try that, @katochin but did not actually solve the problem. Even with notification selected for opera, requireInteraction does not generate a notification.

  • @kmielczarczyk This no display issue when requireInteraction = true is now also an issue on Chrome on macOS 10.15 too. However this original Opera issue was a problem even for macOS 10.14.

    See this Chromium issue for more details on the macOS 10.15 issue.
    @kmielczarczyk Maybe Opera can implement the same work around? Or will Opera just get this downstream automatically in the future?

    As far as those who use the OneSignal service to send Web Push we have worked around this by disabling requireInteraction when running Opera on macOS 10.14+.

  • Notifications are now displaying in macOS when {requireInteraction: true} is set, however now it has no affect. Tested on Opera 74.0.3911.154 on both macOS 10.15.6 and 11.2.1.
    More details on this as well as Chrome and Firefox results:

    Since {requireInteraction: true} is no longer a critical issue where the notification is not being displaying I would be ok with this being marked as resolved.

    Since requireInteraction has no effect I would consider this a feature request instead for macOS.
    @kmielczarczyk Do you want me to open a new ticket for this a feature request and close this one as the bug being fixed?