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Please add a button to open all tabs from another device

  • @Pyll0 The synced tabs are now found via the right sidebar by enabling "Tabs"

  • @Pyll0 Where exactly please?

  • @xetatrader look at the right sidebar. Click settings at the bottom to open the sidebar settings menu, then look for an option called Tabs.

  • @Pyll0 On my opera desktop, the sidebar is on the left, and when i click on the settings option there is no tabs there. I am using opera 68, the latest update and the tabs feature has been replaced by a search button. Screenshot (46).png Screenshot (45).png Screenshot (44).png

  • @xetatrader thanks a lot for correcting my mistake. I should have said 'left sidebar' instead of 'right sidebar'.

    After I created an Opera account (same as the one we use for using this Opera forums), I logged in on the devices where I use Opera browser, and set what I wanted to sync between the devices. After signing in, the "tabs" option shows up in the left sidebar menu, see the red rectangles in the screenshot below (I am using dark mode. This makes my interface color looks different than yours):
    My Opera is 68.0.3618.125, so I have the search icon at the top right of the browser as well, like you do.
    I remember seeing this Tab option gone before. The only and the easiest fix I can think of is to sign out your account on the Opera browsers where I had logged in, then sign in again.

    but actually i think i see that tab icon on your top left ... no?

  • @Pyll0 This one was a fix @leocg agave me, he said to use opera:://activity in the browser bar and it shows all open tabs in all devices so i just pinned the page to the browser. Thanks for your advice.

    So I should sign out on all devices and sign in again right?

  • @xetatrader understood. glad that the community gave you a fix to see if that works. re-signing in is the best guess I have, but I am afraid that i cannot guarantee it works 100%. Please do so considering your own convenience and needs.

  • Just did the sign in and out and it worked, the tabs button shows in the sidebar. Thanks a lot @Pyll0 I appreciate it 🙏

  • Though after closing opera and opening again, it disappears, almost as if it forgets I am signed in

  • Please add a button to close tabs, also if they are on other devices