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opera has no secure delete nor wipe function ??

  • hi folks,
    opera respects individual data and sphere?
    it seems to be not.
    after clearing history, password and all stuff related to private data room, you can recover ALL related files, like wand data (contains passwords with light encryption) and all other stuff that make opera as conspiracious more with authorities but not with your private sphere
    anybody ask opera which wipe methode they are using?
    anybody ask insyde all that forum? i didnt found some answers,
    not a random write nor other secure wipe mehtode, nor clear cluster tips nor wipe alternate data streams
    iam very frustrated about that fact
    any correction to proove that?


  • You are talking about....?

    What is 'private data room'? You mean private window? If so, then your data is recorded and/or kept after you close the private window.

  • A "wipe" or "secure delete" first overwrites a file before deleting it, so that standard file recovery tools get a blank file. The alternative he mentioned (which is harder as it requires low-level access) is to rewrite the file information so that you don't have any idea where to look. At least on older versions of Windows, all Delete actually does is erase the first character in the filename and deallocate the used blocks, which means Undelete is easy if they haven't been overwritten since.

    Obviously I'd call this a feature request, as it is about something Opera doesn't currently have ... moved to the appropriate forum.