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search services hotkeys

  • sorry if such topic is already exist , didnt fint any.
    how is it possible to change/remove searh services hotkeys ?
    for google it is "g" , for yandex it is "y" and when i use search from adress line on the top of the browser and my search request starts with single letter g or y , then i have not "g somth"but "somth"and it shows results in google page.
    btw - there is no option to delite etc. right bottom corner has only "add" button , and those 3 dots after the links is "set by default" only.
    ps. has asked same question in local opera forum , but seems there is no admins to answer . so i came here
    here these hotkeys are

  • You can't delete or change the built-in searches (Opera gets money from the search engines for promoting them). Custom searches of course can be changed, but can't conflict with the built-in searches or each other.. So if you wanted to search "G clef" (a music term) on Wikipedia you'd need to type "w g clef". (Though in your case the Russian version of Wikipedia might not recognize an English musical term, of course)

  • nice.... do you make browser for users and their comfort by using it or .... explain me what does it made for ?
    these"hotkeys"is not a comfortable thing ...
    i guess you should make selectable options for a small payment for example - for free version of browser there are such "ads"for search engines, but if some user wants to turn them off , he/she could pay 1-5$ and turn it off , i mean not only search hotkeys but some of other similar options that opera uses as ads for making some money.
    i like using opera , but there are thing that not comfortable for me. and i prefer to pay few bucks to give my support to the team and to make my internet browsing more comfortable for me.
    just as an idea.
    thx for the answer

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