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Getting sick and tired of sync's constant crap

  • I have just about had it with sync and the devs' refusal to listen to our complaints and fix this disgrace of a sync service! Not only does it always sync my open tabs now, it duplicated ALL of my speed dials (even my laptop speed dials are now listed under Other Speed Dials on the laptop)!!! I can't delete them because they just keep coming back!🤬 I have tried SEVERAL TIMES to fix this by 1)Resetting sync data 2)Updating Opera on laptop 3)Updating Opera on one android device 3) Downgrading Opera on android device with updated Opera. The only way for me to get rid of these duplicated Speed Dials is if I completely delete ALL of my data and reinstall Opera and not log into sync. I know that works because that's what I did for one device (the one where I updated Opera). THAT is NOT an acceptable solution for me. Seriously, why can't the developers get there act in gear and fix Sync?!! It can't be all that hard to fix since I've had very little trouble with Firefox's sync or even Dolphin's sync back in the day and when there was a problem it would be almost immediately fixed with them within an update or two. This has been going on for far two long! I just might give up and go crawling back to Firefox sync again. 🤬

  • I've never been able to get sync to even sync anything on Mac or Windows. You've at least gotten farther than me. It tells me my password and username are wrong (they're not) so I change them, and go to sign in with the new credentials and it still says its wrong. The ONE time I got it to work (a couple of weeks ago) there was ZERO data for it to sync (even though I had data on another laptop). So yeah.. problems here too. Lets hope this keeps getting noise and they start fixing it.

  • EDIT : It works !!

    so we have 2 devices, such as 2 smartphones, not same age not same brand but both android.

    on device 1 we have bookmarks.

    on device 2 we have zilch. nada.

    step 1 Take device 1 & create an opera account using YOUR email as identifier and anything you want as a pwd. Note them.

    step 2 log in your email and validate your inscription (a link is provided).

    step 3 bottom right red opera logo, click on settings (lower left option in tiny window) and then on top of menu opt for "synchro & baxckup" near what looks like an avatar

    step 4 get a cup if tea. Then with device 2, connect to the existing opera account with credentials as per above 1) & finish your cup of tea.

    step 5 now put device 1 in front of you and start opera. You should have all the quick access webpages listed.
    open the first one and note what is written after www: of the first saved link : then take device 2, start your browser- you have no bookmarks- & enter what is written on device 1 : as an exemple if your first bookmark on dev 1 is *www.lovestoryneverlastlong. com" when you enter "love in device 2, it will auto-complete with "storyneverlastlong. com" : at this step you only need to save the entry on device 2 using the 3 vertical dots on top right of page and then "add to" option.

    Et voilà !!!