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Erratic zoom behavior (and other minor issues)

  • As of the most recent update (Opera 50.2.2426.136249 1905015202), double-tap zoom is not working as expected. The zoom level seems to depend on where on the page you tap, in some cases barely zooming in at all. The old behavior where double-tapping always gave you a predictable zoom level that allowed you to actually read some text was much preferred.

    While at it, your Finnish localization occasionally asks for the user's motto ("tunnuslause") instead of password ("salasana").

    And a recurring bug that has appeared every once in a while over the past decade made a comeback sometime last autumn. When changing a tab and immediately long-pressing a link on the newly opened tab, the browser will instead interact with the text a few rows under where you're pressing.

  • Hello, i can confirm the issue with double-tab-to-zoom in Opera 50 in Oreo and Pie.
    It was perfect til new Update, now the zoomed site is much to small.

  • @taalen

    We've confirmed the problem, however only certain combinations such as tapping very near images. Do you experience this problem in many sites or only a few sites? Some examples will also help us improve the problem.

    Regarding the Finnish translation, we'll review "tunnuslause" string usage and fix the problem.

    Also confirmed the long tap position issue.

    Thank you very much for the reports. We are looking into the issues and will include the fix in the future versions.

  • @old-splatterhand

    Thanks for pinging me this issue!

  • @taalen

    One follow up question. "tunnuslause" seems to be used for "passphrase" What would be a better word for "passphrase" in Finnish?

  • @miyukiwork
    Thank you for looking into the issues. Unfortunately I can't think of a Finnish expression for a passphrase. It's not really a common concept. I suppose "tunnuslause" as it currently is is the closest you can get, but because of the seldomly used nature of the word, most people will understand it as motto.

  • @taalen

    I've checked how Desktop Opera is translating "passphrase" and here is one example sentence.
    "Salaa kaikki synkronoidut tiedot omalla synkronoinnin tunnuslauseella"

    It seems we use "tunnuslause" in both products, and other browsers maybe using the same translation also.

  • @miyukiwork in that context in a complete sentence it is understandable.