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Why is Facebook suddenly sending notifications thru Opera?

  • Today when I turned on my device, I was suddenly receiving notifications from Facebook via my Opera app. I never okayed this! I would never. Not thru Opera and not thru FB! I do not have the Facebook app, nor Messenger because I find them to be invasive and disrespectful of my privacy. While I did allow Opera to remember my FB password, I have never accepted or "allowed" a single notification for any website - EVER. Least of all, Facebook.

    I tracked down where (out of the blue today) my Opera settings were allowing Facebook to send their notifications thru my browser, and shut it off (Under Opera settings, then site settings, then notifications and finally notifications.)

    Creepier yet, I shut them off (of course!) then left the page, and decided I would "double check" because
    If it did it "automatically" once, why wouldn't it do it again? Sure enough, my settings change did NOT activate! Facebook was again "allowed" to send notifications thru Opera! So...rinse and repeat. When I check yet again, what are the odds FB will have permission again?

    Was there some update that automatically allowed this?!? And if so, why wouldn't you announce that you were going to link to Facebook automatically, so those of us who keep a FB profile only for limited purposes, but also don't want FB harassing them all day long, can control what content is buzzing them all day long? This feels like a huge invasion of privacy! It is nearly enough for me to delete my FB account, and look into other browsers with more control over certain website settings. No Site should have carte blanche control over a person's device, data, content or attention -- thats why I don't use Google! Do I now have to go thru every setting option every time the Opera app updates, in case my privacy settings have been changed by some unknown entity? Is this happening to others? Or is it just some freak occurence on my device?

    Whatever the reason... It is unacceptable. So creepy!

  • Hi @rhr11

    Thank you for your report! While I am pretty sure it is not related to Opera Mini, I have checked it with Opera for Android team and you definitely should be able to turn the notifications off (ie. "block"). If you are not able to do so, report a bug through the application, please - it will help the team reproduce the issue and work on it.

    I am moving your report to Android/Opera for Android board.


  • @kaniolek
    Thank you

  • There is no way to do this on Android. This Really sucks.

    Opera already is completely bent over by Amazon and crams that shit down our throats, but now that I am an admin on a Business Facebook page, I get these damn notifications.

    Why can't you simply give me the option to turn it off?

    Why did you pick them as the ones to Force down our throats and not all notifications from all sites? think about it, you just took user experience and gave the the big middle finger.

    My guess is that is what you will get from users, by way of uninstalls.

    Shit experience.

  • @bdoubleu So you have disabled notifications for Facebook but you are still getting them?

  • @leocg that is no longer an option on opera on android. I did solve it though. I just uninstalled it.

    To annoying with you allowing Amazob to perpetually ask for me to install their
    extension. Now this Facebook permanent integration.

    You guys are truly goibg the wrobg direction

  • @bdoubleu Notifications are disabled by default, so you would need to have authorized notifications for Facebook for them to show up.
    Or what you are seeing are not notifications.

  • @leocg I am seeing a numerical value on the Opera icon on my home screen when facebook has a notification.

    Like the "O" with a "1" on top of it. And when you long press it, there is a "facebook notification" in the overview telling me that I have something.

    In todays world of not having 1 free second without some sort of stimulus requesting me to take an action on behalf of some company, so they can make a monetary gain, is unheard of, so good riddance to Opera until this gets resolved.

  • @bdoubleu In settings > Site settings > Notifications, do you see Facebook listed among the allowed ones?

  • I do see Facebook listed here twice, but I never authorized it. It was set by default.

    I absolutely hate facebook and everything it stands for, so I would never, in a million years, want this or approve it.

    This is just a horrible horrible business decision. We are moving towards mobile first and more privacy, yet you are opening the door to the most pervasive thief of information and insecure information sharing, Facebok. God help us.

  • @bdoubleu I never saw it here, so I don't think it's something by default.

    Maybe you have enabled it by chance?

  • @leocg No chance. I logged into FB via Opera and then I started seeing the notifications by default. I am very aware of Least Privilege access, so I keep my life run the same way... To me that is a gaping security hole screaming to the world, "Come steal all of my Info and Data". No chance that I would opt into something like that, ever.