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Opera Sync still not working

  • I can see my bookmarks in my ios device but i cannot sync in Windows 10 still after 15 days...tried everything and seems that Opera Sync is still broken for many people and for me too......!0_1549635598472_Screenshot_1.png
    I think it's time for Opera developers to explain to us what is going on.

  • At least until last night, sync was working fine for me. Couldn't check on desktop today yet but seems okay on mobile.

  • What version of Win10 do you have? Opera does not really play well with Win10 Creators Update for me. Also sync has been iffy for a long while now. It does work, but only when it feels like it.

  • @leocg In mobile (ios) works fine for me too.But in Windows not.

  • @slytheringirl I have Windows 10 Pro with last updates i think.

  • Good Day,

    i'm having the same issue as yourself, I have a new computer and my last one had windows 7, now with my windows 10, Opera is Signing in but stays with nothing and the Yellow/orange exclamation mark stays on the account button top right.

    what is weird is that I have another windows 10 computer that has been installed a bit earlier and have opera and the sync work on it.
    so to list them up:
    Windows 7 with opera syncing
    Windows 10 that was installed many months ago with opera Syncing
    Fresh Windows 10 that I just installed can't sync.
    what is up with that

  • @arealpenguin As I had said before in another post, Opera hasn't been the same since I got saddled with Windows 10 Creators Update which is version 1803. I would roll back to my previous version which was 17something but the repair shop I use never provides backups of Windows so I'm stuck with shitty 1803. 😡 Anyway, it sounds like you may have version 1803 of Windows 10.

  • The usual solution is to reset the Cloud sync from, then relink the devices. (Data on each device will remain)

    [Off topic]
    You can backup your current W10 serial with Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.4, download the W10 1709 Iso and reapply the serial again.

  • @slytheringirl
    good day, yes you are right, it is a work computer and we just updated to 1809 enterprise, but I have to say that right before that I installed 1709 windows 10 pro and had the same issue so it really is weird, I reported the bug to opera but I still have no news 😞

  • @zalex108 Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not about to go messing with the OS at the moment since I've had to have two harddrives on two separate laptops replaced within months of each other (one due to MS's forced update of Win 8.1). I'm just going to deal with what I got for now.

  • Just FYI,

    After 4 days like many here, it just synced...
    it make no sens but I'm just glad everything is there again!
    I did open a ticket with the support, still no news from them.

  • Like the confirmation email you got says, you will not receive any replies unless they need more info about the problem.

    And by the way, Opera support is these forums and the blogs.

  • @leocg
    Just FYI, I never even received a confirmation email.
    and by the way, Opera support does exist, they have a wizard to report bug on the browsers:
    since it is a bug and I'm not the only one experiencing this problem, I find it really important to submit it so they understand that peoples encounters this problem.

  • That one is for users to report bugs, not to get support. And about the confirmation email message, did you provided a valid email address when you reported the issue?

    And if the problem is already being discussed here for a while, then it probably was already reported and making a new one will not help fixing the issue faster.

  • @leocg
    yes I did provide a valid address, and I did not report it to get support, I reported it to raise a flag of an important problem that affect multiple users , AKA report a bug. It is common sens to expect a feedback of such an issue and I believe that if more people raise the flag, it will make them consider putting more effort into this problem.
    I'm an IT myself and if multiple users report me the same problem, I will understand that the problem is of much greater importance than a problem of the same level experienced by only one user.
    I'm not trying to sound like an ass here, but you came into this post, almost telling people that they its not a real bug because you are not at the moment experiencing any problem with the sync as of right now, but I swear that if you do encounter this problem in the future, you will think differently. You are in no way, helping anyone in this post.

  • I got the same problem here probabbly, but I did this:

    • Open the Sync Settings
    • Disable all sync features (bookmark, password, settings, history)
    • Restarted the Opera
    • Open the Sync Settings
    • Enabled the Bookmark
    • Restarted the Opera
    • Wait some seconds, and my bookmarks as sucessfully synced
    • Open the Sync Settings
    • Disabled the Bookmark Sync
    • Enabled the Password Sync
      • Repeat the bookmark process

    Then I visited the and reseted my account data,
    After this I restarted the browser again, to he detect the sync logout.
    After everyhing I did login into my account and enabled all sync features, and now he is working.

    I hope this work to you too.


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