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Opera mail (sorry) problem : loses created labels after shutting down

  • Hi,

    Very old user of Opera with M2, now stans alone opera mail, I encounter a problem : I create a new mail label and move some posts to it. It works. I then close Opera mail and reopen it : the label is not here and message are back to their original folder or label.

    I encounter no other problems.

    OS: W10 home up to date, Operamail V1.0

    Thanks for help, reluctantly thinking of moving !

  • IMAP or POP?

  • @burnout426 POP, other test suggests config files not updated : changing getmail intervals for one account gets back to initial value after stop/retsrt operamail ?

    After checking : accounts parameter file has not been modified by changing polling interval. It may be manually edited.

    I think that a few days ago, after closing opera mail, I retsrated it too quickliy and had the message (still closing do you want to close opêramail and continue) or something like this.. May this is related to my problem ?

  • The polling interval is set in accounts.ini under the section for the account. So, if that setting is not saving, I'd check the file properties of accounts.ini to make sure it's not set to read only etc.

    For labels, they're defined in index.ini and the IDs of messages that are in them are stored in the indexer files in the indexer folder. The IDs for messages are in omailbase.dat. So, I'd check the properties of those files too.

    So, it sounds like you have write issues with the whole "mail" folder. See "Menu -> Help -> About Opera" for the location.

    If you get those issues sorted out and you still have trouble, for the indexer files and omailbase.dat, you can close down Opera and copy the "mail" folder to a safe place. Then, you can check and fix the database to see if it helps. The check can fix minor corruption in those files. The reason you back up the mail folder first though is that the fix can make things worse if the database files are really messed up.

    If all else fails though, you can close down Opera, rename the "mail" folder, start Opera, create a new POP account to connect to the POP server and fetch your mail etc. Then, goto "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox" -> add folder" and point it to the store/accountN folder in the mail folder where N is the number for the account as seen in accounts.ini. That'll import all your old messages. For messages where you get duplicates (copy fetched from server and imported copy), you'll want to delete the imported copies of those. Then, you'll need to create your labels again (add their rules, if any) and add your messages back in them. It's a pain, but that should guarantee to get things working right again.

    Goto "Menu -> Help -> About Opera Mail" and post the paths to the profile folder, the installation folder and the "mail" folder etc., just so we're on the same page.

  • For the record, you can change the check interval in Account Properties > Incoming.

  • Thanks, I shall check those. Mails do come and go normally. Poll interval cannot be changed, Password can be changed !!!

  • @jbra Hi, checked file prtotections in opera mail folder : all are the same :
    system : all except special/ admins: all except special/ users : read execute, read, write

  • Hi, it's not a prtotection problem (files may be manually edited). Accounts may not be modified or created though accounts.ini may be edited.

    Giving up. My 10.000 messages have been moved to another mail reader.