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Option to "Sync Extensions" in Advanced Sync Settings

  • Posting to add my support for extension sync. I can't believe Opera is the only major desktop browser to not have extension sync.

  • Please, this addition would be most welcome. All the other major players in the browser space have this option, and it is the only reason I've left Opera for Vivaldi. Once Opera adds this option, I'm back.

  • Syncing a browser is only about the many browser custom settings; extensions, preferences, themes, wallpapers, apps, and addon's, predominantly. Obviously, bookmarks are either used in a cloud setting, and can even be shared cross-browser, and so, 'browser sync' has nothing to do with bookmarks. All major browsers (Chrome, Chromium, FF) sync the browser settings (again, not to be confused with bookmark syncing). I guess Opera will be among the last to do so, or, it will never happen, which will mean it will not be used as much, as in its potential as a front runner browser. Bummer! Thankfully the Linux Mint OS is bringing the Chromium browser back into its repository in mid Dec 2020; at that time I guess I'll swap Opera for it.

  • Leaving my grain of sand here about this.

  • Adding another comment in the hope that devs will hear us. Opera is a very nice browser, and you want to keep the community alive and not let this browser die and be forgotten -- please, hear us and add this feature! Every other browser on the planet already has this implemented.

  • Today I am looking for a web browser that has less RAM usage for 3 hours. I'm tired of dealing with plugins after every format. You do your best to make sure people don't choose you. 😥

  • it is almost 2021, and still no sync extension option yet.
    sorry but i will move to vivaldi and uninstall opera today.

  • Re: Option to "Sync Extensions" in Advanced Sync Settings

    Just started using GX. Everything was seamless. Until I have formatted my PC and re-installed OS. After the clean OS, first thing was to download Opera GX. I was feeling so safe, that I have picked "sync all" feature.
    But hey!
    How doesn't everything involve extensions??????

  • From now on, I'll only use Opera to install browsers who support full synchronization (extensions included)

  • @brankoleone I already shifted to Vivaldi as my personal browser. I said goodbye to Opera after long years of waiting. Opera does not have multiple profile options also. Now opera become useless for me. I don't think Opera Software care about this anymore.