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Opera is takes a while to load when opening it

  • This has been happening for nearly a year, Opera takes several seconds to load when I launch it, it just sits on a white blank screen for a few seconds and then loads. Opera is the only browser on my laptop that takes this long as I tested Firefox and Chrome and they loaded almost instantly

  • @icearity Its just a sign of the times im afraid. programmers/script kiddies nowadays consistently fail in any optimisation. rather blaming you for your crappy pc instead. On their end on their Quantum pc @ -1 Kelvin with 1024 Terrabytes of ram and a (list is endless lol ) it works instantly and all is well.
    Im not saying i blame anyone this has been happening since computers were discovered.
    It could be:
    a slow hard drive,
    a bad file somewhere,
    a slow website/extension taking too long to handshake

    it could be anything

    if as you say similar browsers are instant
    and i mean similar not chalk n cheese like firefox
    then use the alternative
    but i wouldnt hold your breathe for any fix of this nature to arrive...
    as some Roman idiot once said...
    "Caveat emptor" 0r
    "noli illegitimi carborundum" 😉

  • More constructive help maybe
    learn to use this so you can see what its up to while its "just sitting there"

  • You are right. I use Opera for many years now, it worked great for me. But know, Opera takes ages to show up and browsing takes longer then before. Just when you think Opera will not start up, it shows up.. that long it takes. It is a bug, i am sure. Opera need to fix this, not me. I can and will do nothing. Why? I have a fast machine, SSD, Ryzen 2600x, 16GB ram, W10 Pro, and all works fine....except the latest Opera.

    So,m until Opera fixes their issue's, i rely on another browser for a while. Which, all run like crazy fast, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, whatever….

    Opera, fix this, fix this fast because in this state, you will lose customers rapidly.

  • @icearity try this -

  • You can try using some software yo log Opera's startup, so you can get what is taking so long to load.

    Here Opera opens fast enough.

  • I use Opera developer as my main browser and it usually opens fast. When it takes some more time to start is after a crash or something similar.

  • Dog slow, it can take up to 60 seconds just to display wallpaper, Explorer opens instantaneous with the same settings??? Opera acts like its Data mining for Kim Jung Ill instead of loading the search box for google??? This thing has got to go if theirs not a solution.

  • @captndan

    For that, you have to Backup | Reset.

    "Off Topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's Backup | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan and even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Opera Backup | Reset

  • For me it was same, Opera opening for 10 sec.
    I have uninstaled all Apple softweare from my PC (iTunes, Bonjour..) since then my Opera is opening in millisecond.

  • @jediron7 There is considerable opinion from longstandiing respected , " geeks," is that Microsoft is the problem, creating slow down obstacles to nudge users to their own browser. Good luck with that Microsoft.