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Change my profile-picture isn't possible

  • @leocg

    Hej, nothing happens, 'cause there is no more path do klick on it ...
    No possibilty to open any option to change the pic, the name, nothing 😞

    It is not possible to click on the picture to make the tool appear, even under the settings there is no possibility that I can change my profile text, the profile picture or the signature in the profile.

  • @leocg
    Here's another example, to see what I mean by "I can't open the settings".
    Those three toolls you can see on the picture, if you go over t, with your mouse - it doesn't work on your profile, and on any others, but not with my profile; if I go with the mousecursor on the pic, it will show nothing. Not even one of the tools. Same with the profile picture. Now you understand?
    It looks to me like someone has blocked my profile settings, so I can't make any more changes ðŸĪŠ

  • @zypper I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but in my profile, when I mouseover or hover above the 3 tool buttons, I see no pop-ups or tool-tips... but if I click on any of those tools, they do result in actions. The effect is that I have to kind of guess at what each tool does, though the tool button labels are somewhat self-explanatory: the left one shows uploading, the center one shows repositioning, and the last one implies removal.

  • @blackbird71 ðŸ’Ģ I do NOT have any tools or pop-ups on mouse-over ....
    There are non of the three tool buttons 🙂 I know what they're for - but there is nothing ...
    See the difference? There are non of the 3 symbols, on hover/or mouse-over. I open your profil hover the mouse on your pic - and I see 3 tools. This works on any other profile, but not on mine 😞

  • @zypper But when I go to "your" profile, I see the three button you say are missing so it isn't the page but something to do with your system.

  • Don't you see three dots next to your profile picture?

  • Hello @coffeelover - that's what I thought, first; but it isn't my system, 'cause it was working day before yesterday, and all the time I was here online. I had changed the pic, I guess it was last week, and even after that it was working fine. That's why I don't understand it.

  • @leocg said in Change my profile-picture isn't possible:

    Don't you see three dots next to your profile picture?

    Yap, I can see them. But: When I make a click, it shows me the options to change Profile, or settings. But don't matter which one I pick, I donsn't work at all. I never see the three symbols on my Background picute, to change anything.

  • Did you try in other computers and/or browsers?

  • What happens when you click on the option to edit your profile?

  • @leocg
    It is the same on Firefox, on Chromium and the clou was, I find it out, last night, when I made an update on my Netbook. After that I was looking here, on the PC, and it was the same. Strange ...

  • @leocg said in Change my profile-picture isn't possible:

    click on the option to edit your profile

    There's no option to edit ... It is gone, not there anymore.

    crap sry 🙂
    It is Change Profile but nothing happens, same on Settings
    An option Edit I don't have.

    Very strange: I don't have an option to change the *Signature; I can change the name or the City, but this
    Internet Security and Research Specialist ðŸĪ”

    is the same, no way to change that.

  • What happens if you go to

  • @leocg Just try that, all the same ... on this Link.

    I have to go to work now; I'll be back, may be tonight. Thx. for your help, so far 🙂

  • So no option to change the picture?

  • @leocg

    What's happen now?? The background-pic ist completely gone 😞

  • Someone is playing (hacked) the profile; so I have to delete it, also for security reasons.