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Why use anything but Google Chrome? (Not flame intended but an actual question)

  • @coffeelover said in Why use anything but Google Chrome? (Not flame intended but an actual question):

    But there are some individuals (not me) who literally have hundreds and hundreds of sites they periodically need to return to for business sake. For them they need some sort of bookmarking system allowing them to categorize and subcategorize all the sites,

    The biggest and master part of my job is researching pages and the Web; therefore I do need the favorites and the safed links.
    And Firefox, also Opera, is working fine in this point. Anything else is crap, or some user don't know how to use and sort the links, safe it and/or work with the folders - sorry for saying this.

  • @leocg said in Why use anything but Google Chrome? (Not flame intended but an actual question):

    And my point is: Why do we have to do it manually?

    Because there are pages that must be saved in the original, or by means of a screenshot, or even to be able to call already known and existing pages again.
    Legal reasons also play an important role here.
    If you don't work in this area, you may have less of an idea of what research means and also not of the legal competence.

  • Regarding legal matter, I guess that saving the page would be more useful than bookmarking it.

  • @leocg

    Can you judge that if you don't do this work? And can you explain the difference between working with a saved page or a favorite page? Do you think a copy of a page updates itself?
    We do this for legal reasons, not because of boredom.
    However, this topic is also for me now through here 🙂
    Everyone can do that as he likes, with or without favorites.

  • In a bookmarked page, you only have its address while in a saved one you have the whole page code.

    So if the page changes, you still have its old content.

  • @leocg said in Why use anything but Google Chrome? (Not flame intended but an actual question):

    So if the page changes, you still have its old content.

    That's exactely what we need to get our Job done 🙂 For example ...

  • @blackbird71 well said. There are certain features in te various browsers that I care about and this makes me selective. But many others are indifferent. A lot of the stuff that @coffeelover lists are important to me. Some I didn't know about but do now.🙂

  • @uxbal I've been a Firefox user for over a decade but I've also had versions of Opera installed during that time too, though less often used for various reasons. After Firefox Quantum was released it took a step back in terms of its powerful extensions model so (in my case) that was a step back in usability. Since its release I found myself going more -or-less 50-50 between Firefox and Opera, with Firefox still my default. However, as of a few weeks ago, and having now almost fully customised Opera to my liking, I'm now on Opera as default, while also periodically looking at Vivaldi for complementary features (e.g., split windows).

    There's more to a browser than just whether it's Chromium-based or not. We see that Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi, for example, are all differentiated in features. For Opera here are the compelling ones for me - not in any particular order.

    Browse in most recent tabs order (MRU). I like the pop-up preview, makes it easier to be sure of the page you want to get to.

    Tab Search (F2) - this does tab and web search but I’ve customised it to do tab search-only by default. Does incremental filtered search. Highly useful when you have loads of tabs open. Most of the time I’m at 50+.

    Pop-out video.

    Built-in mouse gestures.

    Customisable keyboard shortcuts, including assigning to extensions.

    Single-key shortcuts (e.g., 0 to zoom in).

    Web Panels for e.g., WhatsApp.

    Built-in News App - e.g., country-specific English language news.

    Dynamic units conversion - mouse over, e.g., foreign currency, including crypto, and it displays local currency equivalent.

    Pop-up display for search, copy, convert units on mouse selection.

    Paste and Go keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+V) for both address and search.

    Probably one or two others that I can't think of.

    I still think Firefox has the best address bar of the various browsers though.

  • @leocg I don't use bookmarks at all. I used to in the distant past. But lots of people do, so they're important to get right for such people.

  • Right, but it doesn't mean that there couldn't be improvements.

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