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[Solved]Extension enables itself.

  • @burnout426 It enables itself all the time. I disable it and a day or two later it's back on. It really is a mystery why this happens. I've deleted Opera a few times and re-installed it but it's the same. If it doesn't happen with anybody else it must be something with my Windows program or something I've done and Opera saves it along with my Bookmarks, etc. when I re-install it but I am lost as to what it could be.

  • Do you use Opera Sync?

    I also wonder if any of your extensions are somehow triggering the problem.

    @dagnorkle said in Extension enables itself.:

    I've deleted Opera a few times and re-installed it but it's the same.

    Including deleting all your user data when you uninstall Opera?

  • Adblocker setting is in in a file named "Preferences" (no file extension) in the profile folder. In Opera, goto the URL opera://about to find the location. While Opera is closed, you can use JSONedit to view and edit the file.

    If the adblocker has never been enabled before, you should only see 2 entries under "adblocker":

    whitelist_initialized : true
    whitelist_version : 1

    If it's then been enabled, it should look like this:

    whitelist_initialized : true
    whitelist_version : -1
    enabled : true
    lists : {}

    While Opera is closed, you can delete the enabled and lists entries and save. Then, close the preferences file in JSONedit. Then, you can start Opera. Then, open the preferences file again to see if Opera changed it on you. Then, close the file and close Opera. Then, open the file again to see if Opera changed it on you again. You should be able to verify whether the setting is sticking for you or not.

  • @burnout426 I can't seem to get to the "inside" files by typing... opera://about... anywhere. I've done this before in Firefox and Chrome but when I try this for Opera it takes me to a page that tells me about the version and a few paths where the program is found.

  • That page is only for you to get the path to your Opera profile directory, where the Preferences file is located.

    To go to the directory and check the file content, you use your OS file explorer.

  • @leocg Sorry but you lost me. I don't know how to get to the Opera profile directory. When I search my C: drive I get reams of files that mean nothing to me. Could you list what steps to get to where I can stop the Ad blocker? I'm just a user of Opera and not a geek.

  • First of all, the adblocker is really being enabled or you are just seeing it in the extensions page?

    To go to Opera profile directory, you first check (and take note of) its path in Menu > Help > About Opera, that also can be reached by typing opera://about in address bar.

    Then you open the file explorer ( Windows Explorer on Windows) and type or paste the path to Opera profile folder in the explorer address bar to be taken to that directory.

    There you will locate the Preferences file and open it with the proper program to check its contents.

  • @leocg Profile: C:\Users\dagno\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable.... is what I looked for in my C: drive and it found nothing.

  • @dagnorkle Paths
    Install: C:\Users\dagno\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera

    Profile: C:\Users\dagno\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    Cache: C:\Users\dagno\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Stable
    These are my options on this page.

  • AppData is usually a hidden folder. You need to make it visible.

    Can you access by typing %appdata% on explorer?

  • @leocg said in Extension enables itself.:


    There was probably 100 files with this %appdata% and none with Opera attached to it. I give up. Thanks for your help but this is all gotten too much.

  • %appdata% is a shortcut to C:\Users\dagno\AppData\Roaming, inside of which you should see an Opera Software folder.

    And what about my question about adblocker being really enabled or just showing up on extensions page?

  • @leocg I turn the ad blocker off in the extension page and a few days later it's enabled on the extension page. It is so random that I can't tell what's turning it on. I'm good at figuring these things out but this one is a good one. Don't even know if it turns on while the browser is on or if it's when I open it, or when I do something. Either way, I like Opera and will continue to use it as my daily driver.

  • It's enabled in settings?

  • @leocg It's enabling in the section called...extensions.

  • Forget extensions, is the adblocker enabled in settings?

  • @leocg It isn't enabled at the moment but maybe tomorrow or whenever.

  • Like was said, the adblocker never turns itself on automatically. Don't mess with it in extensions page and everything should be fine.

  • @leocg is Monday the 13th of May. I'll let you know the next time I find it on.

  • @dagnorkle It's Tues. 14th (next day) and the ad blocker is back on.