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Download Opera on Opera Mini bypasses proxy/vpn?

  • I login to twitter and facebook on opera mini to avoid location-specific personally targeted ads and other "suggestions", intrusions etc. But I keep getting quite country-specific suggestions from Twitter.

    Shouldn't Opera's proxy/vpn hide my IP address from them? I have checked Opera Mini's settings and unlike the desktop Opera, there's no setting to set a specific country for proxy/vpn. For example, if I am in UK, and I use opera mini, twitter should see me in the proxy/vpn's country, right? But twitter keeps showing me UK specific ads and stuff.

    Am I missing something pretty obvious here? Any help appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • You are logged in, so they know where you registered, right? Or are you visiting several countries and the ads track your country properly?

  • That's the thing. I've disabled every available option on Twitter that is location-specific. My default country was set to another country which I am no longer in. So it appears that twitter knows, through my current IP, where I am currently at. Which is puzzling because I'm on twitter via Opera's proxy/vpn, so ideally twitter shouldn't be able to know that. Unless proxy/vpn is not working and opera is leaking my IP.

  • As far as I know, Mini doesn't hide your IP address and, therefore, your location.
    Also, some sites may not go through Mini servers.

  • Oh, okay. That explains it then. I always assumed that Mini's vpn/proxy servers hid one's IP address too.

    Thank you for clarifying.

  • There's no VPN in Opera Mini.