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  • Looking into the registry of Opera i found this weird thing !!!
    when i install My add-on and restart Opera !!
    I get TONS of keys inside the registry of windows !!!

    Can someone EXPLAIN THIS ???
    In Opera i have just My own add-on !


  • That happens every time i restart Opera,
    EVEN if i have no add-ons !!!!
    Those rules are re-created inside the registry in the section extensions.opsettings !!!

  • I recently noticed them too. I have more than one key under the "Opera Software" key though. And, for those, I have corresponding ones for Opera Next and Opera Developer.

    In one of them, there was an extension id for an extension that was no longer installed in Opera and was never installed in the currently profile. It was an extension I made that I loaded in developer mode in "opera://extensions" many profiles ago.

    I see bookmarks, vpn and crypto wallet stuff mentioned in some of them. I also see lots of extension IDs. Some of them are probably for Opera's built-in component extensions.

    With that said, I still don't know what all of it is for, so good question.

  • I still have the sames keys who are created every-time, EVEN if i remove Opera and reinstall, those keys reappear !!!
    I don't think Opera is safe..... seriously a browser who change and add windows registry keys....anything can happens !!!!

  • @stop-it said in Add-on registry Weird !!!:

    EVEN if i remove Opera and reinstall, those keys reappear

    They're probably important for some function of Opera. I wouldn't assume they're malicious.

  • Here I can see similar entries, although in a very smaller number, for Chromium, Chrome Canary and Vivaldi.

  • Ah, I see them for Vivaldi and Chrome etc. too. I guess I/we can look up PreferenceMACs on google to see what they're for.

  • in chrome i can LOCK my add-on with a reg file, then my add-on can't be uninstallied / removed by regular users.

    it has to be feasible too for opera i'm sure i can add a registry value !

  • @stop-it Are you saying that's what you discovered the reg keys are for?

  • No, i'm trying to add a function to my add-on, who install a registry key preventing the user to remove/uninstall my add-on it's what i did for my chrome extension and it works perfectly, a regular user never goes and know what is the windows registry is....
    so when i was doing my tests i saw all those keys recreated every time i load opera, if i delete those keys, opera recreate them at start. !

    BUT what i found no help or templates is HOW to do that for Opera !!!
    I just want to create my registry keys and when i start Opera i need to see my add-on be installed !

  • What i did for my chrome extension is, this i created an external little app EXE (windows), when i launch my app on my desktop the app write reg keys.
    when my app install those keys and when i launch chrome, my add-on is installed,
    i would like to achieve the same on Opera.

    It is possible ?? because Opera is based on Chromium !

  • That question belongs to another topic.

  • This post is deleted!