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[Solved]Cookies - constantly having to delete them in order to log into websites

  • I made the switch to Opera from Chrome almost a year ago - and love it. With one major caveat that's about to drive me back to Chrome. Repeated login failures and errors that I can 100% resolve by deleting cookies to the specific problem site. I just experienced server 500 errors logging into Verizon, until I started using Opera this would indicate an issue on the server side but I've learned it's cookies, I delete all Verizon cookies, close the browser to delete any session cookies and I can log right back in. I do this 2-5 times a day. I do not experience this issue with Chrome or IE, which i could use but then I'd have to ditch Opera 🙂

    Deleting individual cookies recently became harder as the "See all cookies and site data" feature moved one step deeper in the Advanced Settings menu: Menu > Settings > Advanced > Privacy & Security > Content Settings > Cookies > See all cookies & site data > Search Cookies - it was hard enough to find to start with! Sadly individual cookies aren't available via the universal Shift+Ctrl+Del clear cache command in Windows and I do not want to delete all cookies as I'm logged in and out of multiple websites all day long.

    Anyone else experience these issues? Any tips on how to resolve?

  • Did you try deleting the Cookies file? It may be corrupted.

    The problem happens on any site or just on Verizon?

  • What is the cookies file? If you mean cookies for the problem site, yes I delete them all the time - that's the only way I can access the sites. If you mean a global master type Cookies file - let me know where that is!

    Happens with Many websites, pretty much any site I log into that requires a login after a set time period of inactivity.

  • Cookies are stored in a file called Cookies, found at Opera's profile directory.

  • @grafis said in Cookies - constantly having to delete them in order to log into websites:

    eleting individual cookies recently became harder

    You can bookmark opera://settings/siteData to get to "See all cookies and site data" faster. And, if you name the bookmark cookies, you can type cookies in the address field and the entry for the bookmark will pop up.

    You can also, goto the site in question, click the badge on the left side of the address field and click "Cookies". That'll pop up a dialog showing cookies for the site.

    Those might be faster for you until you can sort this out.

  • Goto the URL opera://about to see the path for the profile directory.

  • @burnout426 Thanks, excellent tips I did not know!

  • @burnout426 yep - /appdata/roaming
    I'll see if deleting this file (database of all cookies?) helps!

  • Deleting the "Cookies" file worked, thank you!

    I closed Opera, backed up my Cookies file and then delete it from here:
    C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable -> Cookies